Brett P. Jaffee

QUALIFICATIONSResponsible, motivated, and organized individual with excellent business, verbal, technical, and communication skills. Five years professional experience programming multimedia training software for the PC and the web. Two years experience programming e-commerce and web-based application type websites.

California State University, Northridge

Bachelor of Science: Business-Management Information Systems.

Course work included accounting, management, finance, business law, and marketing, with an emphasis on the use and design of software and databases in a business environment.

December, 1995.
EXPERIENCE TechEmpower Inc.
El Segundo, CA
April 2000 - Present

Responsibilities were in programming e-commerce-type websites, as well as browser-based applications. This primarily involved using server-side Java classes to create the business logic and database-access portions of sites. It also involved integrating the server-side Java components with Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, and HTML to create the presentation/functionality of the sites.

Projects have included:

A matchmaking, e-commerce site (eharmony), for which I did a large portion of the JSP programming, as well as the credit card/payment Java component.

A browser based application for a major music company. This project involved taking a pre-existing Java servlet based program, and rebuilding it from the ground up using a combination of server-side Java and JSP. Responsible for creating much of the class hierarchy for this site, and for building components that allowed the JSP and HTML developers to integrate the presentation side of the site with the back end business logic.

Other projects have included a small prototype for a video-portal webpage, and another site that makes use of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), allowing people to take a fun quiz from their WAP-enabled phones.

Internal and External Communication
Marina Del Rey, CA
Systems Engineer/Programmer
April 1998-April 2000

Programmed primarily in Macromedia Director 6.5, JavaScript and other web technologies. Director programming involved the customization and creation of behaviors for a custom designed production engine. The engine was used by non-programmers to rapidly produce multimedia sequences, question models, and navigational methods for a large and complex project.

Programmed web-based cross-cultural tool/training program. Responsible for programming a large part of the tool portion of the software, primarily using JavaScript/DHTML. The main purpose of the tool was to gather information (using SQL with ADO/RDO) from an MS-Access database that contained cultural data. The information was then displayed in a variety of ways to contrast it with information from other cultures.

Last project worked on, was a cross-browser (Internet Explorer and Netscape), cross-platform (Mac and PC) web based employee training course. The program had a modular template-based design that used client-side JavaScript include files to load different text and media depending on the usersí location in the course. This "templatization" enabled non-programmers to quickly build large blocks of course sequences with minimum effort, and allowed for design changes to be made to the entire program very easily. The program was compliant to the AICC/IEEE standard for a web based computer based training program. It employed a Java applet to communicate with a third party training management system to track student information and course progress via a database on another server.

Learning Systems Sciences
North Hollywood, CA.
Multimedia Programmer
December 1995-April 1998

Programmed using Icon Author and Director/Lingo multimedia development platforms. Programmed customized multimedia software for management, banking, and point-of-sale training. Experience with integrating, design, graphics, audio, and video into software. High emphasis on working in a team-oriented atmosphere, with typical projects combining the efforts of the programming, graphics, audio, and design departments.

Los Angeles Unified School District
Parkman Middle School, Woodland Hills, CA.
Playground supervisor
January, 1991- August 1995

Supervised children on playground and in gym. In charge of school recreational facilities for adult and youth activity groups.


Primary POS programmer for Learning Systems Sciencesí "Kroger POS Multimedia Training." Won Gold Award at 38th Annual CINDY (Cinema in Industry) Competition, 1997.

Gold Award at 39th Annual CINDY for Learning Systems Sciencesí "SHURE Kiosk."

Gold Award at 39th Annual CINDY for Learning Systems Sciencesí "SHURE Kiosk."

Primary POS programmer for Learning Systemsí "Dayton Hudson POS Training." Won Gold Award at 40th CINDY Competition, 1999.

Award of Merit - 1999 EPSS Design Contest for Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Gulliver cross-cultural Support System.


One year programming experience using Java 2, Java servlets, and Java Server Pages in an e-commerce website type environment, running under Resin, Enhdyra, and JRun application servers. Experience with using Microsoft SQL Server within this environment.

Three years JavaScript/DHTML experience gained in several large web projects.

Approximately five years experience HTML programming and web page creation.

Basic programming experience with ASP.Three years experience with CBT development tools such as Icon Author and Director 6.0/6.5. Experience with Macromedia Flash as well.

Programming experience also includes BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, and Delphi. Familiar with Visual Basic, and C++.

Professional projects: Project clients have included A&P, Dayton Hudson, JCPenneys, Kroger, Safeway, Shure Brothers, Value City, Lexus, Fed Ex, PWC, Marriott, and others.

Academic projects: Two database design projects, and design of an MIS system for a (fictional) hospital.

Recreational projects: OnTheWay Quake 2 and 3 server utilities. I was one of two programmers who designed and created the Delphi-based programs. OnTheWay is a popular GUI front end for the Quake 2/3 multi-player games ( Current project is a Java-based interface for the Futaba 8U computer radio control system.

Creator of the Unofficial Extra 300 Home Page a site that features the Extra 300 series aerobatic aircraft.

Available on request.


Article published as cover story in monthly magazine, Radio Control Soaring Digest, July 1995 issue.


Photography, computers, web page design and creation, radio control aircraft modeling.