Racing and Slope Planes

These are the purpose built slope sailplanes, designed for maximum speed, or manuverability, or both. Actually, these types of gliders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some, especially the race planes, follow traditional thermal sailplane design, but with shorter wings and thinner airfoils optomized for speed and making tight turns in all sorts of condition. Others take a more compact approach that emphasizes extreme manuverability and aerobatics. Finally, there are the "lead sleds," short winged, heavy gliders, which sacrifice all light wind flying capabilities for blazing speed in big lift.

ZipperBirdworks Zipper
Renegade: new wingC.R. Renegade Composite
DragonflyDCU Dragonfly
GmblerGambler 3 meter
Opus-VOpus V
Mini AcaciaMini Acacia
Sting-DSVV Sting DS