Sailplane Gallery

Photos of mine and my friends' sailplanes. Click on the names to see more photos and detailed reviews of some of the planes pictured.

VV Models Sting-DS

Sting-DS Sting-DS Sting-DS Sting-DS Sting-DS

Here's Kyle with his Sting-DS. This is a custom-made version of the Sting F3F sailplane that has been strengthened specifically for dynamic soaring. It has triple the carbon fiber of a normal carbon Sting.

Opus V

Opus-V Opus-V

My first molded plane, and so far the fastest sloper I have.

Birdworks Zipper

Zipper Zipper Zipper
The Zipper is supposed to be a good DS plane, though so far I haven't been able to fly it enough to really tell.

C.R. Aircraft Renegade Composite

Renegade: original color scheme Renegade: second color scheme Renegade: new wing Renegade Renegade

The Renegade was my frist real high performance glider. The picture on the far left shows the oringal color scheme. I actually did this with pearl blue Ultracote Plus rather then paint. It looked really good, but unfortunately, on one really hot day all the covering bubbled up and it looked horrible. I had to strip it all off.

Later, a friend of mind mixed up some matching pearl blue automotive paint, and painted it for me at his family's body shop. The paint job was incredible, and you can see it in the second photo and the in flight photos.

Unforunately, the wing got kinda trashed over the years, and I replaced it with the white one you see on the right. The fuselage is also in need of repainting, as you can see.

Hobby Shack Spirit of 76

Spirit of '76

The first ever picture of my first plane in flight. I think my sister took this picture for her high school photography class.

C.R. Aircraft Climmax HLG

My C.R. Climmax cruising in light slope lift at Snake Hill, Malibu, CA

C.R./DCU "TurboFly"

After Same plane, new colors
My combination of the D.C.U. Dragonfly and the CR Turbo S wingeron. The first pic shows the original color scheme. The neon yellow I used on the wings kept peeling off, so I changed it to the new colors you see on right.

DAW EPP-51 Mustang

I attempt to catch my P-51...and fail.

Old school combat: Aerotech Anabat and Birdworks Rubberduck

Anabats and Rubberducks tangle over the slope. These planes were innovative in their time, but wouldn't be much competition for modern combat wings and warbirds.

C.R. Aircraft Contender

The Contender is a very fast 2m span sloper. It uses wingerons for roll control and a full flying vertical stabilizer for super rudder authority.

The Warbird Crew

The warbird crew, circa 1995. From left to right, Karl Lindstrum, Ken Kegler, Brett Jaffee, Russ Kegler, Rick Blake, Bob Blake.

P-51B Mustang

Karl Lindstrum's scratch built P-51B Mustang. Construction is balsa fuse with balsa sheeted foam core SD8000 wings. Span is about 48". The plane has a scale outline and planform, but the airfoil, combined with flaperons, give it good retention, even on lighter days.

Ki-61 "Tony"

Russ Kegler's Kawasaki Ki-61. This model uses the same construction and airfoil as the P-51B. It also has a scale planform. Both models have extremely good performance for scale airplanes.

ModelTech P-51D Mustang

The ModelTech P-51D Mustang. Unfortunately, this kit comes with a thick wing that is probably more suitable for a power plane. It isn't very fast and the turning performace isn't that great. I have seen one with a homemade foam core RG-15 on it, though, and it flew very well.

PSS Formations

At left, the Tony races in fast and low to catch the Mustang. On the right, to Model Tech Mustangs and my Vortech P-51 manuever for the "kill" on the Kawasaki.

Corgi .14 meter sailplane

My smallest glider. It's easy to launch but doesn't fly very well.