Power Planes

Photos of mine and my friends' power planes. Click on the names to see more photos and detailed reviews of some of the planes pictured.

Carl Goldberg Extra 300

Pictures from the first flight! Y.S. 120NC power. Looks like it will be an awesome airplane! Check out the other shot of the first landing on the Condors page.

Midwest Sukhoi .40

At right, my Midwest Sukhoi, in better days. Left, Karl's Midwest Sukhoi makes a low pass. Note Butthead's legs in the cockpit.

Model Tech Dragon Lady .40

Dragon Lady
The Model Tech Dragon Lady .40. With an O.S. .46 installed, it's a pretty fun airplane.

Ken Willard Drake

The Drake. Built from Ken Willard plans, this flying boat is powered by an O.S. .28. It flies nice, but at 4 pounds, it's overweight and floats very low in the water.

Big Biplane

A big biplane, type unknown. It's powerd by an O.S Gemini twin cylinder engine. The pilot's scarf is a nice touch.