Power Plane Reviews

Here's a list of the power planes that I have owned, and a brief review of each. Maybe you'll find this useful if you're thinking of buying one of these kits.

I've expanded this list somewhat to also include a few planes that I have flown, but don't own, and tips that friends have told me about different models.

Aerobatic and Sport Planes
Extra 300Goldberg Extra 300
DragonladyModel Tech Dragonlady 40
SukhoiMidwest Sukhoi 40
Ace AllStar Bipe
Great LakesModel Tech Great Lakes biplane

Electric Planes and Slow Fliers
Zagi400Trick RC Zagi 400
Lazy BeeClancy Lazy Bee
Mini-MaxWattage Mini-Max
Watt-Age Vx-400
CessnaHobby Shack Cessna 177 Cardinal
BirdieGlobal Birdie 10

DrakeWillard Drake
KittwakeTop Flite Kittiwake

Global P-39 Airacobra
T-6H.O.B. T-6 Texan

Ace AllStar Bipe

I have neither built nor flown this plane, but my friend has one, and it seems to be a nice flying little bipe. Unfortunately, it can be an absolute horror to get off the runway. In fact, the ground handling was so bad that the plane has crashed more often then it has flown (I must admit that it is a tough little plane). My friend finally found a fix that seems to solve this, though.

Built to plans, the wire landing gear has the forward wire fixed to the fuselage, while the rear wire simply rests across the bottom of the fuse and is held against the fuse with rubber bands attached to the forward wing dowels. The problem is that this allows for excessive slop, enabling the rear landing gear wire to actually move from side to side. His solution was to eliminate the rubber bands and wrap some kevlar thread from the dowel to rear wire, then epoxy the kevlar. This seem to work great, as the little bipe now tracks straight down the runway.

Global P-39 Airacobra

Yes, another Global "Quality" model.

My friend built one, and I flew it a few times. It wasn't quite stock, as he but a .25 in it (which required lengthening the nose a bit). I didn't notice any particularly bad habits, though I never really slowed it down enough to find out the stall characteristics. The plane is pretty heavy, but it is fast with the .25. Landings were a bit fast, but touch downs are nice, as the plane seems to stick to the ground as soon as the wheels make contact.

Flight performance with a .15 would probably be mediocre in this .10-.15 sized plane. I'm sure it would be a dog with a .10