Sailplane Reviews

Below you'll find a list of just about every sailplane I've ever owned, broken down by category. I've written reviews for many of them, and have included pictures for most as well. If you have questions about these planes, please feel free to ask.

Racing and Slope Planes
ZipperBirdworks Zipper
Renegade: new wingC.R. Renegade Composite
DragonflyDCU Dragonfly
GmblerGambler 3 meter
Mini AcaciaMini Acacia
Opus-VOpus V
FUNSoaring Specialties FUN
BladeSoaringUSA Blade 2-meter
Sting-DSVV Sting DS

Floaters and Trainers
WandererDynaflite Wanderer
Hobby Shack Ridge Runt
Super SoarerSuper Soarer
Super SpiritSuper Spirit of '76
Hobby Shack Spirit of '76 Mark 2
Hobby Shack Spirit of '76
Foamie Slopers
Anabat (top) and Rubber Duck (bottom)Aerotech Anabat 2
Birdworks Rubber Duck
A well-worn BoomerangCavasos Boomerang
D.A.W. photoDAW Fomie P-51
WhirlwindHanger 4 Whirlwind

PSS and Scale
K&A P-40 Warhawk
Scorpio Habicht
Vortech P-51Vortech P-51D Mustang

C.R. Climmax
SidewinderPolecat Aeroplane Works Sidewinder

Electric Gliders
Watt-Age Vx-400