Brett's Full Scale Gallery

Welcome to my Full Scale web page. Over the last ten years I've had the opportunity to attend many airshows at places like Pt. Mugu, Edwards AFB, and the Camarillo airport. I've always tried to take pictures of my favorite planes when I went to these. Sometimes the pictures are good, and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes you get that perfect shot, and then sometimes some bozo walks right into the shot just as you snap the shutter. Ah well, such is life for the amateur airshow photographer. At any rate, I've tried to pick the shots that were either the best, or the most interesting in my collection. The pictures have been divided into three categories: Jets, which include both military and civilian aircraft (though mostly fighters and bombers at the moment); Warbirds, World War II combat aircraft; and Civilian/Aerobatic, which is self explanatory. So, far, there aren't too many pictures, but I hope to be adding more later. Stay tuned.......




Civilian and Aerobatic Aircraft

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