Dynamic Soaring

DS speeds are recorded using either Kyle's Bushnell radar gun or Andy's ProSpeed gun. For a comprehensive list of people who have broken 150 mph, go here.

Check out motorsport artist Bill Patterson's new dynamic soaring site, the DS Zone.

DS Videos
Kyles Paulson breaks the record again with a 229mph run.
Kyle's Paulson's and Doug Reel's record breaking runs 215mph and 212mph runs.
Kyle does 174mph at Piuma ridge
Andy's 184mph run at Vincent
Video of my Opus from a few years ago
The Opus again. This time my flap flutters

Here are our best current speeds
Kyle232 mphExtreme DS 2 meterParker11/22/2003
Brett195 mphSting-DSVincent6/28/2003
Andy187 mphSting-DSVincent6/28/2003
Dave177 mphSting-DSVincent8/03/2003
Kyle177 mphSting-DSParker6/22/2002
Kyle175 mphNemesisVincent5/28/2003
Brett158 mphBladeVincent10/10/2003
Brett153 mphOpus VVincent6/18/2003
Bill151 mphWizard Compact 2xVincent5/31/2003
Andy131 mphOpus W--5/20/2002
Andy118 mphNemesis--4/25/2002
Brett93 mphMini Acacia--9/14/2002
The Jaffee DS Scale
200+ mph
175-199 mph
150-174 mph
125-149 mph
100-124 mph
< 100 mph

Old milestones:
Kyle229 mphExtreme DS 2 meterVincent8/03/2003
Kyle215 mphExtreme DS 2 meterVincent6/28/2003
Kyle192 mphExtreme DS 2 meterVincent6/22/2003
Andy184 mphSting-DSVincent5/28/2003
Kyle169 mphSting-DS--5/20/2002
Kyle162 mphSting-DS--5/11/2002
Kyle154 mphSting-DS--4/13/2002
Brett150 mphSting-DS--5/10/2003
Andy146 mphSting-DS--5/10/2003
Kyle140 mphSting-DS--4/06/2002
Brett141 mphOpus V--5/20/2002
Brett139 mphOpus V--5/11/2002
Kyle133 mphSting-DS--3/30/2002
Brett130 mphOpus V--4/13/2002
Brett121 mphOpus V--4/06/2002
Andy116 mphOpus W--4/15/2002
Brett116 mphOpus V--3/30/2002
Andy107 mphOpus W--4/06/2002
Andy104 mphOpus W--3/27/2002
Andy103 mphNemesis--4/06/2002
Kyle98 mphNemesis--3/30/2002