Channel Islands Condors

Chapter 89 IMAA, Chapter 26 QSAA,
Club 1343 AMA, Club 670 SFA

This is the R/C power plane club I belong to. It's located in Camarillo California. The club has a 500X50' asphalt runway, and membership usually hovers at around 200 people.

The club's two major events are the Rally of the Giants Giant Scale Fly In, in May, and the Carl Goldberg Aerobatic contest, usually in November.

The picture you see was taken a few years ago, from the belly of a Goldberg Eagle 2 that was equiped with a disposable camera. The grass has since grown in a lot better since this photo was taken, btw.

Here's a shot of me bringing my Extra 300 in for a landing. As you can see, the field has lots of beautifull scenery around it. It's a great place to fly!

Here is the offical Condor Web site, which is dedicated to Bob Grey.