Selected Writings by J.D. Adams


The Blue Agate

Beyond Resonance with Nikola Tesla

The Electric Harley

The Reality of Near-Earth Objects

Hazards of Extreme Camping

The Audacity of Inspiration

Lewis and Clark’s Model of Achievement

Vision Westward

A Concise Chronology of Truth

The Two Faces of Genetic Engineering

The Beleaguered Neanderthal Within Us

Meet Your Future Robotic Colleague

Formerly “Oregon’s Date with Destiny”…
Oregon: Riding the Cascadia

Phantom Trails posted at Oregon Photos

Within two years after the publication of my Neahkahnie Treasure article in 2004, the movie ”Tillamook Treasure” was produced and numerous stories were spawned, culminating in this Historical Analysis of the “Beeswax Wreck” of Neahkahnie where our finding of beeswax on Manzanita Beach and the Japanese Tsunami in 1700 played a part.

The Port Orford Meteorite (2004) is where it emerged from obscurity. In “The Enigma of the Port Orford Meteorite” I’ve pointed out that recent analysis of pallasite meteorites indicates they usually share a common point of origin, rendering the old version of the story as a poorly-constructed character assassination of Dr. John Evans.

Green Technologies

An Analysis of Cucurbitaceous Leaf Wilt

Remembering High Flight


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