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The threat of NEOs was a hot topic among proponents of advanced mitigation technologies, including Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart after the publication of Defending Planet Earth in 2011. See also the updated version of The Reality of Near-Earth Objects.


Oregon woke up to the inevitable reading Tsunami Northwest, formerly Oregon’s Date with Destiny. The dialogue over the looming subduction zone event began here in 2010.


In The Two Faces of Genetic Engineering (2011), read how the rapid pace of development coupled with the lure of untold profit has interfered with proper attention to the attendant hazards of tampering with nature.


A vision of a better world is unfolding as you read A Brief Glimpse into Oregon’s Future (2016).



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Mysterious Oregon

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Let the sunset find you a forgotten dream in the surf. Swim the sea at night, but know that you are not alone.


The Mobile Guide to the Central Oregon Coast

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When the clouds roll in, the storm watchers are in place along the next five miles of coastline…where the waves become airborne to the awe of onlookers, and being soaking wet is no big deal.


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Pay Back the Money Borrowed From Social Security






Appreciate the irony, far from floodwaters and frozen pipes; fast forward to 2020, turning up the heat of the elections rhetoric.

Driven by global warming, hurricane season arrives with a vengeance, droughts in the west continue, mandatory water rationing has arrived. The dustbowl of the 1930s may be a minor blip on the scale of history, according to the IPCC, predicting a potential increase in global temperature of +6 degrees C by the end of the century, decimating the world’s glaciers, spawning extended periods of drought, and melting areas of permafrost that unleash gigantic landslides in mountainous areas.

Scientists have advised that failure to reduce carbon emissions within 7-10 years will result in a global temperature increase of +2 degrees C, by itself enough to melt the Greenland Ice Sheet, corresponding to an increase in sea level of 7 meters, a tipping point of the first magnitude. But an increase of +3 degrees C is a journey into a nightmare realm that begins with a drought in the Amazon Rainforest, where trees have evolved with no natural resistance to fire. A spark ignites a firestorm that destroys the entire rainforest ecosystem, releasing enough carbon dioxide to plunge the Earth into the next level of catastrophe, that of +4 degrees C.

Large areas of the Earth have become uninhabitable. Around this time, the Arctic permafrost starts to melt, releasing billions of tons of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, along with more carbon dioxide. Global warming increases in surges from the release of methane hydrates on the sea floor, in a repeat of the events of the Eocene period.

In a final climatic lurch toward the Permian Extinction, methane hydrate explosions could destroy a majority of life on Earth, as suggested by geologist Gregory Ryskin, by releasing energy in oceanic eruptions equivalent to 10,000 times the world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons.









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