A Brief Glimpse into Oregon’s Future

The Audacity of Inspiration

A Ride on the Electric Harley

Lewis and Clark’s Model of Achievement

Vision Westward



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Mysterious Oregon

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The wind carries the promise of autumn on long summer days, mixed with the soft music of the river gliding toward the sea. It is this picture of paradise that keeps the dream alive.


The Mobile Guide to the Central Oregon Coast

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When the clouds roll in, the storm watchers are in place along the next five miles of coastline…where the waves become airborne to the awe of onlookers, and being soaking wet is no big deal.


Secrets of Electronics Repair

Within these pages the lost art of electronics repair is revealed from an insider’s perspective on engineering and manufacturing.


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A Brief Biography

DTV Antenna eBooks, RF Research

Meet Your Future Robotic Colleague

Beyond Resonance with Nikola Tesla

The Enigma of the Port Orford Meteorite

Selected Writings by JD Adams





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