J. D. Adams' Bio



J. D. Adams: Electronics Professional, Visionary, Futurist and Writer.



J. D. Adams was born in Salem, Oregon, a descendant of Oregon Trail pioneer William Lysander Adams and the son of a gifted artist and a mathematician. Early years were spent as an artist, later to learn woodcraft and mountaineering while hiking and photographing the wilderness. He resides in Oregonís high-tech Willamette Valley as a multidisciplined electronics professional with a background in engineering technology.

J.D. Adams maintains a Web presence as a visionary writer on diverse topics including history, travel, and technology. In 30 years in the electronics industry heís worked with consumer electronics and computers, avionics, biomedical, R&D, RF and data communications, power conditioning/monitoring, and renewable energy. Mr. Adams has acquired advanced knowledge of RF design, PCB and integrated circuit layout, optical-electronics, manufacturing, prototyping, failure analysis, and technical writing. In off hours he may be found enjoying hiking, fly fishing, photography, writing, researching and inventing.


One of Mr. Adamsí long-term interests is achieving freedom from fossil fuel. Experimental prototypes have already proven the concept of a human-powered machine that allows a person of average athletic ability to cruise at 55 MPH; the world record for a human-powered bicycle is now over 89 MPH. When a number of these vehicles are on the road, they will have political clout and lobbying weight like bicyclists do now in the Portland area. The problem as many can attest is sharing the road with todayís crazed, distracted drivers. Someday an electronic interlock will prevent texting while driving but until then human-powered transportation will be an exercise in survival.


A serious effort to achieve energy independence should include funding for an alternate transportation corridor or retrofit for human-powered machines that provides reasonable safety in sharp contrast to the present situation that was literally added as an afterthought. Imagine if you will a perfect marriage of electronics, ergonomics and streamlining far beyond the bloated vinyl of lumbering smog machines. Embedded GPS, communications, and security will make these sleek craft impossible to steal, and vehicle detection and crash-avoidance technology now being perfected improves safety. With a low enough coefficient of drag, solar assisted drive is an option, utilized in the solar/electric/human-powered ELF vehicle. Of course millions of dollars are spent each year to keep this technology from the mainstream, at least while there are still trillions of dollars to be made on petroleum.


The next steps to energy independence are being made with our expanding electric car charging network that should be seen as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create new paradigms of sales and service accommodating the fast-charge technology. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is also ramping up as a more familiar customer experience.


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