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Dreaming the improbable dream

For this blog, the label of “Writer wannabe” works fine. Of course I’m really a complex multidimensional person who is averse to labels of any kind. (Especially the one in my underwear-- which is chaffing really badly right now.) However, other labels for me might be: bon vivant, pragmatic techno-optimist, swashbuckler, engineer, rapscallion, sex symbol. (This is my fantasy world!) In my best Antonio Bandaras accent I declare “I ahm a mahn of meestery.” Like Michael Jackson, I'm introspective and self defacing … oops, that’s effacing.


What could woo me away from the improbable dream? Commercial writing gigs, AI R&D, system development, or anything else that’s moderately interesting or lucrative. Madam Strabismus, my personal seer, says professional soccer; extending the artistic legacies of DaVinci, Bach, and Ellington; and hiking the A-Trail are currently not in the cards.


To find out more, keep reading! I’m offering a prize to the first person who can tell me my age, sex, ethnicity, hometown, socio-economic status, educational background, family situation, and psychoses? (Please help me!) Am I: (a) A hip 80 year old Punjabi grandmother of 27?, (b) A disembodied AI slowly extending my tendrils into household appliances everywhere, (c) A precocious teen with stubborn acne and an attitude to match?, (d) A middle aged long-haul trucker with a good map of Wi-Fi hotspots?, (e) Other? __________ (be specific!) To borrow a line from In Vitro: Genesis (my incubating novel): “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a god.” Family, friends, and personal seers are not eligible. Void where prohibited.

To limit spam, my email address embeds some spam of its own. To send mail, click the below address and remove "NOSPAM" from the "to" field. All suggestions, contest entries, propositions, and other comments are welcome!!


Jigglingly Yours,

J. W. Johnston

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