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1965 El Camino
Late-Model Power
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My objective for this car was to have year 2000 performance, convenience, economy, reliability, and driveability wrapped into a classic '60's muscle-car shell. The ability to turn the key and go anywhere, pull 25+ MPG, and get repair parts at any auto parts store.
I tried very hard to maintain a "theme" to this build. I tried to acheive something that genuinely looked like GM took a '65 El Camino and installed a '96 LT-1 powertrain into the car.
(I realize that I'm about 15 or so years "behing the curve" - installing an LT-1 / 4L60e - but going to a LSx setup is not in the budget!)


The donor car was a 72000 mile Buick Roadmaster Wagon.
The car was listed in our local Craigslist, the owner was stripping it for parts. I got there early enough to actually drive the car (why it was being parted out I'll never know...)
I purchased everything from the firewall forward, and the gas tank - pulled and waiting for me in 3 days - for $500.
The only thing I did to the engine & trans was to pull the "tins", check & clean everything, reassemble, and paint.
The engine described above "blew it's guts" at Rock Falls Dragway in 2012. There is now another LT-1 from a 1996 Roadmaster sedan in service.

LT-1 Autopsy

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