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1965 El Camino
Late-Model Power
Stealth Stuff
This page will detail some of the things necessary to install a late-model ECM controlled powertrain into a 45 year old chassis.
There is one fortunate thing - in the infinite wisdom of GM/Chevrolet - the (new) LT-1 & 4L60e share basically the same mounting provisions as their 60 year old siblings!
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Fluid Coolers... Steering, Oil, and Transmission

Oxygen Sensors


Radiator Cooling Fans


Electrical Modifications


Swap to "Pump in Tank" fuel system

I'm not going to say this conversion was easy. I'm not rich, like most everyone I've got a mortgage, punch a clock, have TWO kids in College, and money is tight... I do NOT have the luxury of being a checkbook hot-rodder, or buying "plug n play" systems.
What I do have is the skill-sets & tools of a fabricator, machinist,  welder, electrician, general "fixit-guy", and the ability to gather information and resources - then apply them.
99% of the time I'll look at something needed and make the part, or scrounge it from the boneyard and/or adapt something to work. (A large percentage of my car is from either "U-Pull It", or Home Depot!)

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