welborne labs 2A3 moondog monoblocks

3.5 watts per channel of single-ended triode
  mullard GZ37 -> 60's sylv 6SN7WGT -> CBS 5692
             1944 RCA JAN VT95 2A3 black plate
Sovtek 2A3 (backup)
audionote copper foil oil caps
audionote tantalum resistors
magnequest DS-025 output
cary audio slp-70 with phono - modified

- Highly modified unit with ELNA/Solen in PS
(6 times the amount stock)
- outboard Power Supply
- MIT RTX caps
- Kimber silver wired
- Kimber silver jacks
- Removed balance
- TKD Stepped Attenuator
- Silver switches
- Holco resistors
- RCA RED BASE 5691 (line stage)
- RCA RED BASE 5692 (cathode Follower)
- Telefunken 12AX7 in phono

sounds musical, articulate, and quiet
great dynamics and excellent transparancy.
Head and shoulders above Stock unit.
linn sondek lp-12 valhalla

linn basic plus tonearm
linn k9 | Denon 103D
an old classic that is ocassional maligned
but when it comesdown to it, this scottish table
is one of the most musical out there; it has great
rhythm but changes with the wind, humidity,
moon phase..etc still, one of my favorite tables


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cary audio slp-70 w/phono

linn lp-12 - no solid state sound here...

77 Klipsch Cornwall w/ Type B Crossover - AlNiCo Mid/Tweet

a great classic that is a World Beater! this box would make some SERIOUS waves if released today! the beasts are huge. horn loaded in midrange and
tweeter with Alnico magnets. bass supplied by 15" woofer reflex loaded. listen, if you told me I would be listening to Klipsch speakers in 2002, I would have dug you a grave with a telephone shovel... actually, I can't say enough positives about this amazing speaker that has transformed my SET system in one fell swoop, sending my ProAc Minitowers to second system status in a matter of minutes. the dynamics and bloom here are simply amazing. really, these speakers put so many audiophile offerings to shame as the soundfield is huge as the music envelopes you. I have never seen a bigger soundfield.

the only problem is they require quality amplification, with lower power tubes being by far the number one candidate. klipsch vintage horns do not take too well to grainy solid state amplification where they can drill a hole in center of skull with piercing glare. some still run these monsters with 70s solid state at hundred's of watts! christ, they only need a few watts to produce an inhome concert! the damn things sound heavenly with SET power but with the vintage eico hf-81, just do wonders... makes you realize that we have not come very far in 40 years; indeed, at times, i believe we have gone backwards....

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