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Orv Iverson's photos resulted from his close association with the 9th Air Force, being ground support for communications, and experiencing a number of "hot spots".

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WWII jets and airplanes

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P-38 Lightening 10kb Spitfire MkIX 18kb Libya prop 20kb C-47/Dakota/Skytrain15kb
Orv in AT-6 Texas trainer/Harvard/SNJ 25kb P-47D  20kb JU87 Stuka/STUrmabwehrKAnonen Dive Bomber 20kb Orv on wing  14kb
Orv  on P-38 10kb Orv and P-47 Thunderbolt/ Jug 13kb Orv and B-26 7kb Orv and P-51D Mustang, Homeward Angel II 24kb
P-51D Mustang 27kb Me-262 Jet bomber 24kb Me-262 Schwalb 28kb Me-262 Swallow  28kb
Me-262 German jet closeup 22kb P-51D Mustang airfield landing 24kb Orv by airplane JU52?8kb JU-87 Stuka Dive Bomber  27kb
Canadian airplane interior 22kb Canadian airplane- Westland Lysander? 23kb Canadian Airplane 21kb P-47D Thunderbolt 22kb
B-26 taxing out 20kb AT6 TexasTrainer 24kb Orv in P-51S Airfield 33kb Calamity Sue(alt photo source) 25kb

photos by Orv Iverson
Airplane ID in pictures' alternate text, courtesy of Orv, Timothy Murphy, and Bill Fisher

Stutka Tank Buster Eschwege '45 26kb P-51C Col James Howard RAF Middlewallop '44 42kb

Photos in this section by Dr. I.G. Madison

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