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Orv Iverson's WWII photos of France reflect the viewpoint of a Minnesota Farm Boy's impression of France, and are especially interesting when viewed in that light.

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WWII France through the Farmboy's eyes.

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Versaille Palace pool, W. Kirk 20kb Versaille Palace 21kb Versaille Palace, W. Kirk 18kb Versaille Palace, AG 19kb
Orv  and 3 in camp 22kb Orv in camp  12kb  Orv,Vince C., W.Kirk, Woofter, 27kb Liberator's view of Paris  34kb
Orv and Gendarme 20kb Orv and Paris shop 26kb Orv and sculpture 16kb Rural France 1944 29kb
Paris Street 20kb Versailles Palace 12kb  Very Friendly Parisians  20kb To the victor, go the spoils....  12kb
Orv and Eiffel Tower 13kb Elegant cyclist at Notre Dame 24kb Orv and Cosmoplitan Parisian 16kb Orv as Paris tourist 21kb
Colonel's Driver at Palace grounds 20kb Eiffel Tower 12kb REALLY impressed by Eiffel Tower 16kb Paris, Dupont store front  20kb
Cathedral Street 12kb Champs -Elysees12kb Champs -Elysees 9kb Paris Street corner 16kb

photos by Orv Iverson

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