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9th Air Force

Germany after VE day

Orv Iverson took these photos in Germany after Victory in Europe day at the end of WWII in Europe.

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WWII Germany

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Olympic pool at Weimar 22kb Roy V. at Weimar Olympic pool  24kb Base camp at Weimar  26kb Wiemar Olympic pool  21kb
3 buddies, Roy Vince, Orv  17kb Roy, Orv, Vince  15kb Tony, Chaplain, Vince 27kb A moment in the sun 16kb
There are places I remember...  25kb Roy Vande Polder of Battle Creek Michigan 19kb Roy Vande Polder 17kb Roy V.  20kb
Orv rafting at Kassel  23kb Truck full of German POW's 21kb Orv in doorway  17kb Hitler Plaza  20kb
Orv the burly smiling swimmer  12kb Orv at Olympic Pool  14kb Orv taking a moment to swim in Germany 11kb Orv on steps 22kb
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photos by Orv Iverson

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