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VE Day
(Victory in Europe May 8, 1945)

Orv Iverson's perspective of Victory in Europe Day, told with his words and his photograhs.

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Orv's story - VE day

Orv by surrendered German jet

Orv Iverson experienced VE Day after living through many experiences of WWII. These are some of his own reflections on this significant day in history.

As the month of May approached many German civilians were moving west with their belongings. It was no secret that they were in fear of the Russians. When the day we had waited so eagerly finally came a rather strange thing happened. Victory in Europe was announced in the army paper so we felt assured this must be the real thing. We had heard many rumors to date. Anyway we felt it was time to take down the tar paper blackout curtains. While we were taking down the window coverings we heard a familiar sound, the pom-pom of antiaircraft guns and the slate was cascading off the roof of our German barracks roof. We promptly flattened ourselves on the floor. I peeked out the window and I saw a German jet plane circling low, below eye level. The AA guns were firing behind the jet, not being accustomed to the higher speeds of jet planes. I could see the jet skid onto the airstrip on its turbines at this field near Weimar. In a matter of minutes the shooting stopped. We went down to the field as soon as possible, and found to our surprise more than a dozen passengers on the jet and the Studka Dive Bomber. They were fleeing from the Russians. This was the end of the war in Europe, so now we could turn our thoughts to returning home after more than three years. However, transportation was needed to send troops to the Japan war, so I did not get home until October '45.
Orv Iverson, Woodside, California

VE Day Pictures

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Surrendered German 			jet Surrendered Studka 			Dive Bomber
surrendered German jet
May 8,1945
Orv & Surrendered
Studka Dive Bomber

photos by Orv Iverson

The 3rd day after V-E day. A couple of these(ed:Stuka tank bombers) flew in and landed at our field at Eschwege. Both were short on fuel and exceedingly happy to have made it to an American airfield. (Eschwege airfield is just across the river from what was then Russian territory.) These 2 Ju-87s had been based on a island off the coast of Norway and used against allied convoys to Russia. Later the same day, a Ju 88 came stooging across the field but, in that he neglected to lower his gear, our field AA opened up on him. (Usual poor shooting) but he dropped below a nearby hill and bellied it in. --about 8 jerries were out waving white flags when our L-5 flew over. Incidently, our field AA scared the s--t out of our C-45 that was coming in at about the same time. and fell into the sights of those same trigger happy AA gunners. Fortunately they were as lousey shots as they were in aircraft identification.
n.b Ju87 Gs (cannon bearing tank busters ) were quite limited in numbers )

This block quoted from: Dr. I.G. Madison, "The 67th Tac Rcn Gp 107th,109th,and 12th Tac/Rcn Sqdns flying F-6s (P-51As) with the 30th Photo Rcon (F-5s P-38s ) were the original activated units of the 9th under Gen Quesada there at the field. Originally, I was with the 107th, the Mich ANG unit (activated in Oct 1940 ) Normandy Strip A-4 and A-9 (LeMolay) thru ETO campaigns to V-E day . Ending up at Eschwege Ger. across the river from the Russian zone. As I ended up as NCOIC of photo ops control at 67th Gp Hq, I was privy to a lot of good recon photos Incidentally, we also might have gone thru Buchenwald at abt the same time. Luckily our time in Belgium was on the route of some of those nasty "doodle bugs" ,but only a few dropped into our field. I.G. Madison" photops@prodigy.com

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