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Egypt and Africa Pictures

These photos were taken by Orv Iverson during his days of training in Egypt and North Africa. For his story see the link below.

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Egypt and North Africa

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water wheel, Egypt 38kb Orv's brother Vernon 20kb Paul Murray, John Sheppard, Orv in Alexandria 18kb Orv in Libya 15kb
Orv, Herbert Person, Vernon Anderson - Helwan, Egypt 25kb Martin, Person, Iverson, and ? at Helwan Egypt 30kb Egyptian Taxicab, Helwan 33kb Japanese Garden, Helwan Egypt 42kb
Person, Our Boy, Orv 19kb Destroyed German Half Track, Tobruk, Libya   22kb Detroyed German planes, Tobruk, African Desert   33kb 9th AF convoy thru Pass from Cario to benghazi libya  43kb
Marvin Miller and Orv on camels 21kb beach at Alexandria Egypt   47kb

The telegram (below) was sent from Egypt. My parents didn't hear from me until they got this telegram. My last letter before leaving for overseas was written in November 1942. It was a long wait for my parents. They didn't hear from my brother during the same time period. He was in the first wave of the North African invasion, landing near Casablanca.

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Message home to worried parents.  35kb actual Telegram envelope front 16kb actual Telegram envelope  28kb

photos by Orv Iverson

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