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These photos were taken by Orv Iverson in the last quiet days before the Invasion of Normandy. For his story see the link below.

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A quiet interlude before the Invasion of Normandy

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Roy at Stonehenge  15kb Salisbury Cathedral trio 30kb Salisbury Scene 15kb Salisbury Cathedral 4 25kb
Salisbury Cathedral group 29kb Orv by window 15kb Margaret, Orv, Mummy 27kb Margaret and Mummy 29kb
Margaret and group 37kb Margaret   18kb Orv at Stonehenge   26kb Orv with Half Track   43kb

......One Sunday Mr. Trowbridge and I were having tea by ourselves, What he sprung on me was such a surprise, I just sort of hid my reactions by asking for some more tea. He said, "Ivy, I would like you to marry Margaret." I was totally shocked. I had not expected anything like this. I could only say that things were too uncertain and that even though I survived the impending invasion and conclusion of the war, I would not want to take such a big step now. ....... (click for the rest of the story)


Orv in Kilt   17kb Lord Nelson statue   7kb Princess Street   8kb Edinburgh Castle   8kb

photos by Orv Iverson

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