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The photos on this page show what happened to a typical GI after WWII. (Also one shot of Orv as a kid!)

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After WWII epilogue
Orv - following up on some whereabouts

Margaret Trowbridge married a British lad, moved to South Africa shortly after WWII and had a son. Her husband returned to England, but she remained in South Africa with her son for many years, then moved to Australia where she lives now. Her brother Gordon, he was RAF pilot during WWII, lives in the San Francisco area, just an hours drive from me.

Forty years later I returned to Edinburgh with Mary and another couple and tried to locate Helen MacKenzie, but I found out from her neighbor that she had moved to London and left no address.

My Belgium friend remained in Veriviers and went into export-import business. His sister Ninnette married a doctor in Brussels and has a couple of sons. She remarried to Pierre d'Archambeau a world renown Baroque musician who traveled all over the world giving concerts. He produces reproductions on tapes, discs & records, mostly in Denmark. He has given concerts in Middle East, but now he is semi retired, and they live in Portland, Oregon. Ninette has been a French instructor. We have gotten together several times.

I met Lt. Smiley on the 50th anniversary of VE-Day under rather strange circumstances. Mary and I had taken a side tour on our QE-2 trip with the 9th Air Force back to Salisbury, England. We were with a tour group going through the Salisbury Cathedral when I got to talking with one of the 9th AF fellows. He said he had a girlfriend in Salisbury by the name of Margaret. Well, I said knew a family here in Salisbury and they had a daughter Margaret, the last name was "Trowbridge". At that instant he burst out, loudly in the quiet cathedral, "Oh, so you're the one who stold my gal!" He went on to explain that they had been engaged, but she apparently broke it off.

  Read a retrospective letter to Orv from Maj. Gen. Garland, USAF Ret.

Orv - Who was he? Who did he become?

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Orv at 5 with Trixie   30kb Orv and Mary   15kb Orv and Mary's College house 1948  20kb Orv n Mary, College, no running water 1947  17kb
Orv n Mary, College house interior, MN  1950  30kb Orv Deanna Rachel at Gustavus Adolphus, MN 1950 21kb Iverson move MN start (to CA) 1954 32kb Iverson move MN start (to CA) 1954 26kb
Deanna Thom Orv Lora Mary Rachel, 1960, CA 24kb Orv Mary Deanna Rachel Lora Thom, 11/29/96 50th anniv, CA 33kb Orv and Thom, Web story authors 40kb Pt Hoc Criqueville France 40yrs later 36kb
European Reunion 36kb Orv at same Normandy bunker as WWII pic Orv returns to Normandy 30kb Orv revisits Normandy 40yrs later 29kb

photos by Orv Iverson

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