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Ninth Air Force Brief History

Genesis of the Ninth Air Force Association, Inc.

9AFA began on 20 July 1990 when representatives from nine WWII combat unites gathered in St. Louis, MO. talks focused on meager public knowledge of the illustrious history of the 9th AF, and it was agreed this was due to the non-existence of an umbrella organization to preserve and publicize this ongoing historically significant organization. Now we are a reality and you are part of this massive search for active membership.

9AFA Purposes

  1. To Preserve and publicize the history of the Ninth Air Force from its beginning in World War II to the present.

  2. To Honor and Memorialize the sacrifices of our comrades and families.

  3. To Promote Fellowship among the survivors, families and descendants of people assigned to the 9th AF at any time.

  4. To Foster a continuing quest for Individual Liberty and Love of our Country.

Note: 9AFA as an "umbrella" is intended to be a service to all members. It does not intend to detract from activities and meeting or other past or present 9th AF unit organizations.

Membership in 9AFA

Voting membership is open to all veterans and current active duty personnel of all ranks, all units, all specialties ever assigned to the 9th Air Force. Come on in all cooks, mechanics, armorers, drivers, medics, nurses, engineers, air crew, etc. - entire Team! We also welcome immediate family members, & others who desire to support the purposes and policies of 9AFA as Associate Members.

By-Law Provisions

  1. 9AFA Directors are elected by mail ballot sent to each voting member.

  2. Operations to be in keeping with our non-profit corporate charter and with the tax-exempt requirements of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (501-c-19) Veterans Org.

9AFA Ninth Air Force Association

Honoring the highest development of Air Power - by the largest Air Armada in history

Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom

Staying Mobile, Flexible and Effective

From 1942 'til Today!

The Ninth Air Force Association is a non-profit organization in no way connected with the United States Air Force, Department of Defense or any other branch of the United States Government. Contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the official view of, or are endorsed by the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, U.S. Air Force or 9th Air Force.

This is a non-profit corporation -IRS 501-c-19, EI# 11-3031887

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