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From Andre' Defer, Belgian Writer:  "There is one thing you dare not forget and that you must keep eternally engraved in your heart.  It is the memory of those men who came from far away, from overseas and clung to the ground, fighting one against ten, falling down under bombing and shelling for the name of LIBERTY.

And when you will pass before a military cemetery, when you will see the little white crosses adorning the tombs of the soldiers of Baugnez, of Steumont, of Rochefort and of so many little villages of the Ardennes from the depths of your heart cry to them...


Andre' Defer, Belgium

Welcome to Orv Iverson's WWII and 9th Air Force Association web page. This site, includes stories and pictures from Orv's WWII experiences(includes his WWII autobiography), links to other WWII and 9th Air Force related sites, and a link to an application for membership to the 9th Air Force Association. I hope you find these pages interesting and informative.

Orv Iverson is a Veteran of WWII from June of 1942 to October of 1945. He served as a high speed radio operator, and set up the first FM radio station at Omaha Beach on the 3rd day of the Normandy invasion.

Theatre of Operations: Egypt, Libya, England, Invasion of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, first ones at liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

In WWII Orv served with 414th Signal Company, in the Middle East. During the Normandy invasion Orv served with the Ninth Tactical Air Command, Signal Section. In the Battle of the Bulge and after, Orv served with the 926 Signal Battalion, Company A.

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  Read a short synopsis bio of Orv Iverson from a 9AFA publication.

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Battle of the Bulge/ Belgium
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