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    Radical change in course....

After several years of writing as "ITW", I am changing course a bit and starting a new blog called "New In Wonderland".   I have no idea where this is headed. If my experience with In The Wilderness is any indication, it should be interesting.

Anyway, here's the link:

In The Wilderness -

This site was born of an experiment with two separate blogs in early 2006. I called my first effort "In The Wilderness."  That blog began as a forum for theological reflection on matters having to do with the the Spiritual Journey with occasional digressions into commentary on the Episcopal Church. ITW tended to head off in a variety of different directions, most significantly periodic reflections on the Liturgical Year and  a series of reflections on the people commemorated by the Episcopal Church in the "Lesser Feasts".

I called the other blog "A Thousand Miles of Beaches... Connected by Traffic Jams ."  That was supposed to be both my "personal blog" and a place for me to  to practice humorous writing   on the subject of the weird and occasionally wonderful experience of life in  Florida.  As a kid, I devoured every word written by Irma Bombeck, and, later on, Mike Royko and Molly Ivins (God rest their souls). Today I read Carl Hiassen, Tim Dorsey and Dave Barry.  I wanted to try my hand at humor and, since living in Florida had better make you laugh because taking it too seriously would make you crazy, that seemed like a good subject matter. There are many things about living in Florida that are anything but humorous and I have a lot of opinions on a subjects other than the Sunshine State so that blog, too, started to grow extra arms and legs.

My purpose for blogging in the first place was simply to write (and write and write), testing different writing voices.   It turned out to be an incredibly liberating experience which, unleashed a creative genie that has taken over my life. I frequently found myself writing things that didn't really fit on either blog, and I also felt increasingly schizophrenic bouncing back and forth between the two of them.

Sometime in mid 2006, I decided I wanted one place to put all my work, on whatever subject I happened to choose to write, and to organize it into categories that seemed to make sense to me.  I had always wanted to build a website anyway.  A Homepage seemed to be the solution to my problem.  Instead of a blog, I decided to build a regular "old-fashioned" website and to populate it with my own writing on whatever topics happen to fascinate me at the moment.

My avatar on the Florida site was "Resident Observer".  Somehow, she was always just me.  "In The Wilderness" however has become something else.  ITW is me, also.  But it is a nom de plume that resonates for me on many levels.  In The Wilderness  is both where I find myself on Life's Journey as well as the point of view from which I write.  In The Wilderness is both where I live and who I am.  Therefore, when I moved the content from that blog, I decided to keep the name.

Almost immediately after populating the site, the Muse caused me to abandon this project in favor of writing fiction for the first time in more than 15 years. I've spent most of the last year furiously churning out several draft novels.  I do not (at this point) intend to post fiction on this site because I still labor under the delusion that someday I may be able to sell my fiction to an actual publisher. 

Right now, I am "between stories"  so overhauling this site seems very much in order.  When the fiction Muse calls again, I will probably disappear once more, but for now, I'll hang out here for a while.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact me at:

itwilderness (at) earthlink (dot) net










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