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In the Italian countryside about 45 minutes NW of Rome, on lovely Lago di Bracciano, is one of Italy's best-kept secrets - a little fishing village called Trevignano Romano.

Here is a view of the Centro Storico (the old town center) from the hills across a small bay, with the ruins of a medieval fort perched on top of the hill.


We live on the other side of this peninsula looking south over the lake. Our apartment is ideally located in a small modern building on a hillside on the outskirts of the village, close enough to the lakefront (5-10 minute leisurely walk) but high enough to have a fantastic panoramic view of the whole lake from our balcony. A recent guest said on leaving "This view will be forever engraved on my heart!"

Take a look - this is only part of the view....


It can change daily, sometimes hourly, so we never get bored with it. One morning the lake was covered with a thin layer of fog ....


So why not come on in for a
tour of our sunlit apartment.

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