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A.  History
Our Club was instituted on July 30, 1976, at the Holiday Inn in Issaquah, Washington, with 64 Charter Members.  Gertrude Wedmore (who later became State President) was our Charter President, and, since the new corps of officers were all new to Emblem Club, we had a lot to learn.  Our first meetings were held in the Holiday Inn, moved to the Moose Lodge with the Elks, and then to our present building.  It wasn't long before we were preparing dinners to raise money for furnishing equipment for the kitchen.  We made our spaghetti in roaster ovens, and, with the members bringing utensils from home, we served dinner to a full house.
B.  Charitable Works
In addition to the support we give to Supreme and State, we also have a number of local charities to which we contribute, including King County/Issaquah Aid Units, Issaquah Community Center, Issaquah Senior Center, Pediatric Interim Care Center (for drug-exposed babies), Family Renewal Shelter, Food Banks, and so on.  Our Number One recipient, of course, is our Elks.  A look around our Lodge will show the results of our efforts:  the "11 o'clock" clock, and much of the kitchen equipment, including the dishwasher, stove, and many of the utensils.  We are also pleased to be able to award scholarships to children or grandchildren of our Club members.
Contact us at:
Issaquah Emblem Club #503
P.O. Box 29
Issaquah, WA  98027-0002

Issaquah Emblem Club #503 * P.O. Box 29 * Issaquah, WA 98027-0002