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A.  History

The WSAEC was instituted on May 31, 1981, with Margaret Strable (who later became our Supreme (National) President) as our Charter President.  Since then, we have grown to 18 Clubs, the third largest State Association in the Country.

B.  Regular Meetings

The Association has two one-day meetings per year, one in February, and one in October, and a State Convention held in May of each year.  The meetings are hosted by one of the Clubs, and the Convention is usually held at a large hotel at or near the current State President's home Club.

C.  Major Project

The State Association's major project is called I Care (which is pronounced the same as Eye Care - a fitting relationship), and helps those persons who are blind or have low vision, by providing funding for eye exams, glasses, eye surgery, Braille books, talking watches and clocks, and other aids.  A Board of Trustees established a Trust Fund for all contributios to I Care.  Each year, we select a special item, such as sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, and hats, to raise funds, and we present scholarships each year.

I Care Application, 2-17-12

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