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In the very beginning, in 1917, a very small group of Elks' ladies met together to wrap bandages for World War I.  They met socially and, at the same time, accomplished good.  The combination of fellowship and doing good appealed to others, and another community group came together.

Fifteen members of a group of the ladies in Providence, Rhode Island, related to members of the B.P.O. Elks, who were active under the name of Emblem Club, developed the idea of a national organization of such groups.  It was chartered in the State of Rhode Island as the SUPREME EMBLEM CLUB OF THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA by Mary T. Duffy, Esther A. Sweeney, Alice Farrell, Mary L. Clark, and Charlotte O'Connor, of the "Original Fifteen", on April 27, 1926, and filed in the office of the Secretary of the State of the Rhode Island on May 3, 1926.

Nine Emblem Clubs were organized during the first year in the New England States, in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  This number has steadily increased and now, in more than eighty years of formal existence, Emblem Clubs are located in every section of this country, including Alaska and Hawaii.  With this organization continuously progressing, the future of Emblem is even more promising.

The Emblem Club attracts individuals of many diverse talents, abilities, and ages, all of whom combine to make Emblem a very special organization.  In Emblem, there is an important place for each member. 

B.  Name and Emblem

The name "EMBLEM" signifies the Flag of the United States of America, which is preserved and cherished as a priceless possession.  The Emblem of the Supreme Emblem Club (the national level), the State Association of Emblem Clubs (the State level), and the affiliated Emblem Clubs (the local level) is THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

C.  Motto

The Emblem Club Motto is "TRUTH, JUSTICE, and CHARITY", and is the guide in all Club work.

D.  Adopted Colors

The adopted colors are PURPLE and GOLD.  Purple, the color of royalty, denotes the highest standards and principles and is used by the Elks.  Gold is used to signify quality or great value and symbolizes the rich blessings and material means, which we SHARE with those less fortunate than ourselves.

E.  Insignia

The insignia of the organizatin, a registered trademark, is an Elks' head surrounded by a wreath, and is used on pins, stationery, publications, and banners.  This insignia shows that our members have a close relationship with the Order of Elks, and cooperate in their endeavors, when asked.

F.  Charitable Works

The members of Emblem Clubs contribute significantly to a wide variety of charities and their communities, including scholarships, literacy, drug awareness, Veterans, and pints of blood, to name only a few.

Issaquah Emblem Club #503 * P.O. Box 29 * Issaquah, WA 98027-0002