Welcome to the Cat Walkway


Hi! My name is Dickie D.

Inspired by The Cats' House (see http://www.thecatshouse.com/) my Daddy and Mummy (she just kept out the way!) built a catwalk in our house.




My two brofurs:

                    Sirius                                             Riley


and my four sisfurs:

       Siobhan                                 Heidi                                            Celia                                        Colleen


needed a bit more room. But how to make a house bigger?


Answer: .....................

UP !!!

(Fangu Anti Amber fur yaw advice.)

Here's a picture of The South Pole. It's not really cold here (no penguins - this place would be boring if not for the walk!), this is just the pole at the south end of the catwalk.

Above is what Daddy calls a composite view of the catwalk through the living room. He used 3/4 inch fibreboard cut 10 inches wide and covered with carpet (thank you The Nelson Family) to make each piece of the walk. To secure them to the wall he used Rubbermade Duratrak® shelf brackets. The carpeting is attached to the fibreboard using 3/4 inch staples that were put in using a Makita power stapler (thanks Irene!).

For the poles he used white, 4 inch schedule 125 irrigation pipe. The staples go right into the plastic. The bottom 2 feet of each pole is wrapped with 1/4 inch sisal rope. Last thing, for added support for the shelves on the poles he put a 10 inch steel Spike(rita) through the pole for the shelves to rest on.

The North Pole  is a little different in that the top is a wide play area where I can stand and bop my sisfurs and brofurs when they try to come up.

These views show on the left The North Pole and on the right the part of the cat walkway that goes down the hall (looking the other way from the other pictures).

The height of the sections of the cat walkway was chosen to allow additional support from the doorframes for the wide play area. Each shelf bracket is U shaped for greater support and is fixed to the wall using 1.1/2 inch screws into the studs.






The picture on the left is how the cat walkway looks to Daddy and Mummy, but the picture on the right shows how it looks to us! That's my sisfur Siobhan catching some sleep.

As you can see, there is plenty of room. You can also see the bridge that connects the south half of the cat walkway to the north half. The lights don't seem to bother us but just to be sure, Mummy had Daddy put lower wattage bulbs in the fixtures. We still get lots of light but this way we won't be so hot in the Summer.



The return for the central air conditioning/heating is right up next to the bridge but it doesn't seem to bother any of us kitties. I guess once you have heard my doggie sisfur Oonagh snore you can get used to sleeping through anyfing.


I thought you might be wondering how we get up onto the cat walkway. The picture above is what I see when I am at the side of the South Pole next to the wall and look up. The holes are 7 inch squares angled so that one corner of each square is at the center of the pole (not really, Daddy just cut the hole so it looks that way!) The carpeting for each section is cut from a single piece which is wrapped around the edges of the fibreboard. The edges closest to the walls are not covered. To cover the edges of the holes, two sides are folded from the top and two are folded from the bottom.




Well, I hope you liked looking at our cat walkway as much as I like playing on it. In the future I will try to get my brofurs and sisfurs to pose for some more photos on the cat walkway so we can share them wif you. If you have questions about the cat walkway or want to know more specifics about how Daddy built ours you can email Mummy at


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