The Irvine Hotel

Image of Irvine
 Hotel about 1914
Photo courtesy of First American Title Insurance Company

The Irvine Hotel was built to house employees and associates of the Irvine Ranch in Orange County, California. It was built on the west side of Central Avenue between the General Store and the train station. Around 1922 the building was converted into apartments. This is a photograph of the hotel taken about 1914.

Image of 
Irvine Hotel in 2000

After many years of use, the building was boarded up. In 1986 Central Avenue, now renamed Sand Canyon Avenue, was widened. The Hotel and the General Store had to be moved from their locations close to the western side of the street to an area on the eastern side of the street. They, together with the Blacksmith Shop, the Irvine Garage, and the Bean Warehouse, were converted to commercial use and the area renamed Old Town Irvine. Today the Irvine Hotel houses three professional offices.

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August 2000.