Feature Articles

Feature Articles

2007's Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts: Three Fords, a Vespa and a Kit Bike Animation World magazine, February 2007

Final Cut-Out: The Making of Twice Upon a Time Animation Blast magazine, June 2006

2006's Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts Animation World magazine, February 2006

A Feature That Got Away: My Life as McDull Animation World magazine, November 2005

Children and Animals (and Reluctant Animators): The 2005 Oscar Nominees for Best Animated Short Animation World magazine, February 2005

Krabby Patty Deluxe: SpongeBob SquarePants' Journey to the Big Screen Animation World magazine, November 2004

Damsel In Distress Currently On Fire: 20 Years Later, Twice Upon a Time Still Burns June 2004

Fraternal Obligation: Disney's Brother Bear Animation World magazine, October 2003


Might Come Back From Dead Man's Curve: Bill Plympton's Hair High Animation World magazine, April 2007

Norman McLaren: The Master's Edition - Cameraman Makes Whoopee (Don McWilliams interview) Animation World magazine, December 2006

From Bitter to Sweeeeeet: Bitter Films Vol. 1 1995-2005 Animation World magazine, November 2006

Q is for Question Mark: Chatting with the Brothers Quay Animation World magazine, June 2006

Hydronicus Inverticus: An Interview with Henry Selick Animation World magazine, December 2004

Fresh from the Festivals
Animation World magazine, monthly column

December 2007 Cold Calling, Elephant Girl, Metamorph, How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

November 2007 I Met the Walrus, Shut-Eye Hotel, t.o.m.

October 2007 One Voice One Vote, Once Upon a Christmas Village, Mesh, Haunted Hogmanay, Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf

September 2007 Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning, Birdcalls, Lapsus, I Like Pandas, The Memories of Dogs

August 2007 Carnival of the Animals, Battle of the Album Covers, guy101, Look for Me, My Love

July 2007 Copenhagen Cycles, Slide, Down the Road, The Toll, Who I Am And What I Want

June 2007 Niebla (Fog), Ark, En Tus Brazos, Close Your Eyes And Do Not Breathe, Loom

May 2007 The Runt, One D, Africa Parting, Crossing the Stream, Changing Evan

April 2007 Latent Sorrow, Infinite Justice, Tyger, Eva, Golden Age

March 2007 The Passenger, Ujbaz Izbeneki Has Lost His Soul, Cranium Theater, The Ballad of Mary Slade, Pika-Pika (Lightning Doodle Project)

February 2007 The Little Matchgirl, A Gentleman’s Duel, Maestro, Child’s Trip, Tartes Aux Pommes

January 2007 Lifted, Dreams and Desires: Family Ties, Guide Dog, No Time for Nuts, The Danish Poet

December 2006 Tower Bawher, Beatgirl – A Piece of the Action, Life in Transition, Backyard Shadow, My Life at 40

November 2006 A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process, Kernseif (Curd Soap), I Turn My Face to the Forest Floor, Eels (Aal im Schädel), Nocturne

October 2006 cNote, First Flight, Tragic Story with Happy Ending, Puppet, Shipwrecked

September 2006 Rabbit, The Bias and Sensitivity Review, Generatio, Teddy, Zero Degree

August 2006 Bar Fight, Come On Strange, The Corridor, A Fish with a Smile, Jam Session

July 2006 One Rat Short, Smile, Memorial, Coffee, Dog Worries

June 2006 Bob Log III’s Electric Fence Story, El Doctor, It Pains Me To Say This, Olis Chance, She She She She’s a Bombshell

May 2006 Fable, Arrest Assured, Sunday Party, No Room for Gerold, Never Like the First Time!

April 2006 Dragon, The Love Train, A Plan, Stasis, Vaudeville

March 2006 Clara, Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot, The Book of Visions, The Boy With No Name, The Flooded Playground

February 2006 One Man Band, Badgered, Imago, The Dentist, The Wraith of Cobble Hill

January 2006 Amfraid, City Paradise, The Sandbox, The Fan and the Flower, Hadacol Christmas

December 2005 Workin' Progress, The Mantis Parable, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, Juan el Tintero (Juan the Inkerman), Ichthys

November 2005 Une Histoire Vertebrale (A Backbone Tale), The Curse of the Voodoo Child, Wei Ich Mich Traf (Meeting Me), The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, Perfect

October 2005 At the Quinte Hotel, The Back Brace, It's Like That, Jona/Tomberry, Overtime

September 2005 The Guilt Trip or: The Vaticans Take a Holiday, Journey to the West, Intolerance, Viaje a Marte (Journey to Mars), Morir de Amor

August 2005 Bek (Beak), Frank ja Wendy (Frank and Wendy), Frog, Retrato de D (Portrait of D), The Zit

July 2005 Moo(n), L'homme Sans Hombre (The Man Without a Shadow), Syntymäpäivä (The Birthday), Handshake, À Travers mes Grosses Lunettes (Through My Thick Glasses)

June 2005 Flatlife, Snip, Piñata, Bear Hunt, Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

May 2005 Milch, Vent, Safety Procedures, Agricultural Report, The Moon and the Son

April 2005 Learn Self Defense, The Old Crocodile, Sheol, The Tooth, Egg

March 2005 Command Z, Prowlies at the River, Still I Remain, Woman in the Attic, Patricia Grey

February 2005 Guard Dog, Fallen Art, La Revolution des Crabes, 9, It's the Cat

January 2005 Gopher Broke, In the Rough, Suite for Freedom, Oedipus, A Buck's Worth

December 2004 Magda, Kaze: Ghost Warrior, Get in the Car, Seventeen, Bid 'em In

November 2004 I Want a Dog, The Phantom Inventory, Creature Comforts, Stars, Concert for a Carrot Pie

October 2004 Backseat Bingo, Fowl Play, Save Virgil, A Work in Progress, Tricks for a Treat

September 2004 Love Tricycle, The Monkey and the Bananas, Son of Satan, JoJo in the Stars, Harmony in Red

August 2004 Snout, Birthday Boy, Cretaceous Christmas, OïO, Karl and Marilyn

July 2004 Fragile, Cats, The Box Man, Going Up?, Tales of Mere Existence

June 2004 Lemmings, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, Rock the World, Ryan, Flashbacks from My Past: Starry Night

May 2004 Crimenals, After You, Lorenzo, Early Bloomer, The Old Fools

April 2004 Annie & Boo, The God, Hike Hike Hike, Delivery, Pavlov's Bell

March 2004 Demitri's Violin, Live Bait, The Fine Art of Poisoning, The Story of the Kolobok, Model Prisoner

February 2004 The Hunger Artist, Eternal Gaze, Rockfish, Nibbles, Destino, Gone Nutty

January 2004 Boys Night Out, Ward 13, Boxed In, Cane Toad, Oola Oop Diner

December 2003 Maanvis (Moonfish), I'm a Star!, How to Cope with Death, How Mermaids Breed, Chainsmoker

November 2003 NSPCC Cartoon, A Pesar de Todo (In Spite of Everything), Mickey's Buddy, Line of Life, Show and Tell

Book Reviews / DVD Reviews

Story Man – Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Animation Animation World magazine, April 2007

A Most Rare Vision: The Many Dreams of Winsor McCay Animation World magazine, November 2005

Cowspotting: The Dutch Films of Paul Driessen 1970-2004 Animation World magazine, July 2005

Ray Harryhausen: It Came from the Animation Table Animation World magazine, April 2005

The Art of Polar Express and The Art of The Incredibles Animation World magazine, November 2004

Fantastic Planet: Surveying the World History of an Artform in Animation Art Animation World magazine, October 2004

Spike & Mike's Cutting Edge Classics and The Animation Show Vol. 1 Animation World magazine, September 2004

Bill Plympton Sloppy Seconds - Gary Baseman Dumb Luck - Danny Fingeroth Superman on the Couch July 2004

It's Sure Realistic - The Films of Zbig Rybczynski Animation World magazine, April 2004

Don't Be Afraid of Color - The Art and Flair of Mary Blair Animation World magazine, March 2004


Mickey's 75th Birthday: 1928 Almanac Disney magazine, September 2003

Alt.Music KUOI-FM Program Guide, September 1995

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