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Love Flows From The Mountains To The SeasThe Billy Nayer Show

Fronted by eccentric tunesmith Corey McAbee, their darkly funny and occasionally manically exuberant pop celebrates autoharps, the Bunny King, and the night Christ rolled his truck.

We mustn't WAKE the doughnutThe Bonzo Dog Band

Ultra-comprehensive guide to English ex-Hot-Jazz band that gave us the hits "I'm The Urban Spaceman" and "My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies".

Just Say Bo No!Negativland

Jolly noise-collage pranksters that tend to get the more conservative music publishing elements in our society all of a tizzy.

Miss Nude Universe Contestant #83John Oswald

My favorite musical (de)constructivist.

I ain't gonna make you TOO comfortableDJ Shadow

Hip-hop pointilist on the MOWAX label. His Endtroducing CD remains one of the ten CDs I'm proudest to own... breathtaking, dope and danceable, it remains difficult to top.

Something For The Girl With EverythingSparks

For thirty years, some of the wittiest Anglo pop to never top the charts in the US. They gave us "Angst In My Pants" and the esoteric pop classic Indiscreet.


Advanced Book ExchangeAdvanced Book Exchange

One of the only two sites you may ever need for finding used books.


The other one.


If You're Fond Of Sand DunesGroovy Dave

David Camden-Britton: Disco sensation, computer guru, funnyman, fish abuser.

PuttymanCollin Forbes

A.K.A. Colic Orbs, this gregarious individual will continue getting music packages addressed to him even though he is no longer music director at KUOI-FM.

Rob LanphierRob Lanphier

Friendly man who created KUOI show "Doo Doo Radio" and its notorious ABBA-Thons; now works for RealNetworks.



Verrrrrry big database compiling the stocks of thousands of used music stores around the world.

Lots and lots of recordsA-1 Record Finders

Want a rekkid? Any rekkid? Come and get it. Recently I needed three twelve-inch singles from the 1980s. I walked in (they're on Melrose in Hollywood), found 'em all and walked out. I like that.


Let's establish a dialogueDictionary.com: Translate

Hours of fun. What's the German for "Two stamens are better than oligarchy on toast"?

We'll always have ParisInternet Movie Database

So there was this really bad 3-D movie I saw once on TV about some guys who steal some relics from a mountain castle... armed with this knowledge alone I found the title on IMDB in five minutes.


The Eight ShoesFiresign Theatre

Like worms out of a hot cheese log, these are the dots of our eyes.

Howdily DoodilyHarry Shearer

Founding member of Spinal Tap, creator of "Le Show", voice of thousands on The Simpsons, this man was BORN to talk.

God told her to hate youBetty Bowers, America's Best Christian

Love the sinner - hate their clothes!

The Other Face Of LaughterMatt Neuman

Funny man. Go for the Fun Page, stay for the novel.

America's Only News Sourcethe ONION

Web version of the satiric satanic weekly from Madison, Wisconsin.

Make friendly with the Jawa, OwenTROOPS

Make friendly with the Jawa, Owen.

If you touch that bowling ball again, I'll...Joe Frank

First-time listeners should try a five-minute sample - with an hour set aside just in case. Like Spalding Gray on acid, on the hip hop tip.


Worcester's Sexiest CoupleTom Snyder Productions TV

Don't mistake him for the late night TV host of the same name--THIS Tom Snyder is responsible for such classic comedy shows as "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" and "Home Movies".

Crescent freshSifl And Olly

A glorious reincarnation of Ernie Kovacs' spirit, 'The Sifl And Olly Show' is hosted by two sock puppets.

Unveiling the signalThe Tick

You can't fight crime with a macaroni duck (then again, we'll just see about that).


Whither Donkey?Classic Gaming

Bring heavy arcade games into your home without throwing out your back.


Protect yourself from spam.

Listen Every Day And Drink Plenty Of WaterKUOI-FM Moscow 89.3

My radio alma mater; one of the last free-format stations in the country. Call up, request a song, listen to it live in RealAudio.


A small, charming and very compulsive strategy game.