Studies In The Book Of Daniel: A Discussion Of The Historical Questions by Robert Dick Wilson. New York and London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, 1917.

E-Text transcribed by hand from the 1917 edition.

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  We believe this to be a work of great scholarship and enduring significance for the study of the Book of Daniel. Quote with confidence. There are no editorial additions or annotations added to or deleted from this text. Keep in mind that this was published in 1917 and reflects the knowledge and scholarship of its time.

The text itself is the 1917 edition and in the public domain. My arrangement and presentation in HTML is copyrighted. Please do not take my material without permission. You are welcome to link to any of these pages.

  About the preparation of this text:

 The original text, pagination, spellings, and even misspellings are retained throughout with following exceptions:

1) Footnotes are kept on one page rather than overflowing onto following pages.

2) Scripture citations have been changed from Roman numerals to current conventions (e.g., Daniel 6:1 rather than Daniel vi, I), citation conventions of other works are in their original format.

3) Some footnotes contained their own sub–footnotes. I incorporated these into the main footnote with square brackets [sub-footnotes].

4) The page layout and text positioning are not the same as the printed version due to the nature of HTML documents. The page numbering is correct, the paragraphs are correct, but the exact positioning on the page is not.

5) Headings that were at the top of each page are omitted.

6) Display problems such as missing characters may be caused by the unusual accents in this text which are available only in unicode fonts. You may have to upgrade to your fonts to the current versions to properly display these diacritical marks. I am using Times New Roman (TIMES.TTF family dated May 11, 2000), you can get the latest version from MicroSoft Typology.

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