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Book of Daniel Interpretation

Interpretation: General Methodology

bullet Biblical Hermeneutics
bulletAndrew Kulikovsky provides general principles and resources for further study. Not specific to Daniel.
bullet Principles of Interpretation
bullet Understanding and distinguish various literary styles found in the Bible. By Teaching Minds Changing Hearts
bullet [Doc] Hermeneutics: The Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation
bulletVery conservative, thorough, downloadable Word file. By Drue Freeman.
bullet Historicist, Idealist, Preterist, and Futurist
bullet Interpretive Models for the Book of Revelation as a Whole by Greg Herrick. These issues impact Daniel.
bullet The Preterist Archive and Partial Preterism


Apocalyptic Literature

bullet Jesus on the Last Things

Interpretation: Specific to Daniel

bullet BibleInsight.com
bulletProvides several interesting interpretations of the symbols found in Daniel.
bullet[PDF] Daniel’s Eschatology
bulletDownloadable PDF file by Francis Nigel Lee. Retired Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History at the Queensland Presbyterian Theological College.
bullet DanielProphecy.com
bulletAuthor Brodrick Shepherd touts his book, providing excerpts and helpful charts. He believes Daniel described current events rather than future prophecy.
bullet Daniel & Revelation
bulletClass project of the Daniel and Revelation Bible Study Group, which meets at the Camarillo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Camarillo, California.
bulletJews for Judaism: Daniel
bulletSee how Jewish interpreters handle the book of Daniel.
bullet Kingdoms, Beasts, and the Little Horn
bulletArticle at Christian Courier by Wayne Jackson
bullet NorthForest.com: Daniel
bulletAmillennial interpretation of Daniel
bullet[PDF] Premillennialism in the Book of Daniel by Kenneth Barker.
bullet Yephiah.Com
bulletArticles and issues including Daniel and Revelation.

• Chapter 2: Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream and the Four Kingdoms

bullet The Kingdoms of Daniel
bullet The Four Kingdoms Reconsidered
bullet Tektonics Four Kingdoms
bullet Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

• Chapter 8


Sola Scriptura: 2300 Days and Antiochus Epiphanes

• Chapter 9:

Daniel's Prayer

[PDF] Prayer Related to Prophecy in Daniel 9 by James Rosscup.

70 Weeks

bulletA Study of Daniel 9:24-27 by Charles Ray Th.D. Candidate, Tyndale seminary.
bullet Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by AboutBibleProphecy.com
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by BiblicalStudies.com
bullet Historical and exegetical analysis by Fred Zaspel
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by Christian Thinktank
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by Creation Concept
bulletDouglas Cox shows how the time of Christ was predicted.
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by Bible-Exposition.org (mirror - Dabar.org)
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by Nicholas Panos
bulletA handy chart.
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks by The Preterist Archive
bullet [PDF] Daniel's 70 Weeks by Grace Christian Assembly
bullet Daniel's 70 Weeks  by Sola Scriptura

Daniel's Messiah in the Critic's Den Steve Hinrichs defends the interpretation of Daniel 9:25 as referring to the death of the Messiah Jesus.


True Messiah False Messiah

A Jewish interpretation argues against Daniel’s Messiah as Christ.


BibArch: The Decree of Artaxerxes
bulletIs It a Key to the Date of the Crucifixion?

bullet Hermeneutical Factors in Determining the Seventy Weeks by Vern Sheridan Poythress.
bullet How Many Weeks until the End?
bullet Word & World 15:2 (1995) pp. 166-174 by Wendell Frerichs, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. Examines Daniel chapter nine in light of historical–critical, dispensational, and evangelical interpretations with no satisfactory result.


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