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Book of Daniel • Dead Sea Scrolls • Qumran Manuscripts of Daniel • 12/01/06

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Did you know that *lots* of Daniel manuscripts were found at Qumran? Be sure to check out my Daniel Qumran Page.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Bible At Qumran: Text, Shape, and Interpretation

by Peter Flint (editor)

Series: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature

The Bible at Qumran puts the Dead Sea Scrolls to use in exploring two principal themes: the text and shape of the “Bible” at Qumran and the interpretation of these scriptures in this fascinating Jewish community. Written by leading scholars in the field, these informed studies make an important contribution to our understanding of the biblical text at a pivotal period in history.

Dr. Peter W. Flint along with Dr. Martin J. Abegg, Jr. are directors of the Dead Sea Scroll Institute at Trinity Western University.


Sorry, out of print!

Eschatology, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls <out of print>

by Craig Evans (editor) and Peter Flint (editor)

Series: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature

From Eerdmans academic series. In this book, the inaugural volume in the Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature series, Craig Evans and Peter Flint have assembled eight essays from outstanding scholars who address this issue from a variety of angles. After an introduction by the editors, successive essays deal with the Old Testament foundations of messianism; the figure of Daniel at Qumran; the Teacher of Righteousness; the expectation of the end in the Scrolls; and Jesus, Paul, and John seen in light of Qumran.

Here are the specific articles (outstanding article on Daniel!):

Introduction (by Craig Evans and Peter Flint) • Moses’ Birth Story: A Biblical Matrix for Prophetic Messianism (by Paul Hughes) • The Redeeming King: Psalm 72’s Contribution  to the Messianic Ideal (by Craig Broyles) • The Daniel Tradition at Qumran (by Peter Flint) • Who Ascended to Heaven? 4Q491, 4Q427, and the Teacher of Righteousness (by Martin Abegg, Jr.) • The Expectation of the End in the Dead Sea Scrolls (by John J. Collins) • Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran Cave 4 (by Craig Evans) • Throne–Chariot Mysticism in Qumran and in Paul (by James Scott) • “And When That One Comes”: Aspects of Johannine Messianism (by Dietmar Neufeld)


The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered

by Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise

50 Dead Sea Scrolls from Cave Four

Published in 1992, this book makes available texts from Cave Four that were among the latest released. Most popular books don't have these texts. Most of these are smaller fragments, which is why they weren’t quickly released. The colorful names are assign by the authors strictly for popular appeal and they frequently exaggerate (IMHO) the content and implications of these texts. Mainline scholarship has been harsh on the theories of these authors, so proceed with some caution or check-out at the library first. Nevertheless, there are several interesting texts which are other wise hard to locate. For those interested in Daniel, check-out The Vision of Four Kingdoms 4Q547.

I know you want the details, keep in mind many of these ‘documents’ are only small fragments with no coherent paragraphs:

Messiah of Heaven and Earth 4Q521 • Messianic Leader 4Q285 • Servants of Darkness 4Q471 • Birth of Noah 4Q534–536 • Words of Michael 4Q529 • New Jerusalem 4Q554 • Tree of Evil 4Q458 • Angels of Mastemoth and Rule of Belial 4Q390 • Pseudo-Jeremiah 4Q385 • Second Ezekiel 4Q385–389 • Son of God 4Q246 • Vision of the Four Kingdoms 4Q547 • Genesis Florilegium 4Q252 • Joshua Apocryphon 4Q522 • Biblical Chronology 4Q559 • Hur and Miriam 4Q544 • Enoch Book of Giants 4Q532 • Pseudo-Jubilees 4Q227 • Aramaic Tobit 4Q196 • Stories from the Persian Court 4Q550 • Priestly Courses I, II, III, IV 4Q321–325 • Heavenly Concordances 4Q319A • Aramaic Testament of Levi 4Q213–214 • Firm Foundation 4Q541 • Testament of Kohath 4Q542 • Testament of Amram 4Q543, 545–548 • Testament of Naphtali 4Q215 • Admonitions to the Sons of Dawn 4Q298 • Sons of Righteousness 4Q424 • Demons of Death 4Q525 • First Letter Works of Righteousness 4Q394–398 • Second Letter Works of Righteousness 4Q397–399 • Pleasing Fragrance 4Q251 • Mourning, Purity Laws 4Q274 • Laws Red Heifer, Purity Laws 4Q276–277 • Foundations of Righteousness (End of Damascus Document) 4Q266 • Chariots of Glory 4Q286–287 • Baptismal Hymn 4Q414 • Hymns of the Poor 4Q434, 436 • Children of Salvation, Mystery of Existence 4Q416, 418 • Brontologian 4Q318 • Physiognomic Text 4Q561 • Amulet Formula Against Evil Spirits 4Q560 • Era of Light 4Q462 • Sectarian Discipline 4Q477 • Paean for King Jonathan 4Q448

 Books By Robert Eisenman


[Not carried by CBD] Scrolls From The Dead Sea

Edited by Ayala Sussman and Ruth Peled,  ISBN 0807613339

Fabulous photographs on glossy paper! Wouldn’t purchase this ‘coffee table’ book on my budget, but you might want to catch it at the public library (which is what I did!) or perhaps find a used copy. Produced in conjunction with the Library of Congress Exhibit. Includes great photos of a small selection of Dead Sea Scrolls and related artifacts. Provides Hebrew text and English translation.

Here are the specific photos:

Damascus Document 4Q271 • Prayer for King Jonathon 4Q448 • Phylactery Tefillin Mur 4 Phyl • Leviticus Va–Yikra 11Q1 • Psalms Tehilim 11QPsa • Hoshea Pesher 4Q166 (4QpHosa) • Community Rule 4Q258 (4QSd) • Some Torah Precepts 4Q396 (MMTc) • Songs of Sabbath Sacrifice 4Q403 (ShirShabbd) • Calendrical Document 4Q321 (Mishmarot Ba) • Enoch Hanokh 4Q201 (En ara) • War Rule 4Q285 (SM)

 Artifacts: Tetradrachm of Demetrius II Q65 (127/126 B.C.) • Tyrian Shekel Q3 (28/27 B.C.) • Jar with lid KhQ1474 • Herodian Lamp • Inkwell • Pottery Plates KhQ1591 • Two–Handled Jar KhQ1634 • Pottery Vase KhQ364 • Pottery Jug KhQ1192 • Cooking Pot KhQ1565 • Cooking Pot KhQ2506 • Cooking Pot KhQ2506 • Pottery Bowls KhQ1601 • Pottery Goblets KhQ1587 • Large Limestone Goblet • Limestone Measuring Cups KhQ1036, KhQ1604 • Wooden Bowl 52.40 • Boxwood Combs 52.3, 52.3a • Leather Sandals • Leather Scroll Fasteners • Leather Phylactery Cases 4Q Phyl cases 1008 • Linen Cloth 7Q, cloth 30 • Linen Cloth 1Q, cloth 15 • Basket Fragments 11Q • Cords and Ropes



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