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Books About Daniel – Old Testament Introduction

Old Testament Introduction

A Survey of Old Testament Introduction

by Gleason Archer (Note: Dr. Archer died April 27, 2004 at the age of 87)

Old Testament Introduction

[FYI, the term ‘introduction’ in this context means it addresses issues of authorship, date, and origin of the text. It does not mean ‘for beginners.’]

An excellent, solid conservative introduction. This is Gleason Archer’s specialty and he pulls no punches. A noted linguist, Archer worked on the NASV and NIV. Comprehensive seminary–level text with solid scholarship, but Archer is polemic at points. Provides a wealth of information not often encountered. If you are tired of taking a beating with most Old Testament introductions, this will be welcome relief. Discusses the inspiration of Scripture and defends inerrancy.

Moderate Price ~ Evangelical ~ Scholarly

Moody Press. 650 pages. 1994.

Dr. Archer’s credentials include:

1938 B.A., Harvard University (summa cum laude in Classics)
1939 LL.B., Suffolk Law School
1940 A.M., Harvard University
1944 Ph.D., Harvard University
1945 B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary

1945-1948 Pastor, Park Street Church, Boston
1948-1965 Professor of Biblical Languages, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California
1965- Professor of Old Testament, Trinity Evangelical Theological Seminary, Deerfield, Illinois (now emeritus)


Introduction to the Old Testament

by Roland Keith Harrison

Old Testament Introduction

Another solid conservative introduction, this one is more thorough the others and only for the stouthearted. Seminary–level text with piles of historical data and analysis.

Moderate Price ~ Evangelical ~ Scholarly

Prince Press. 1331 pages.


Popular Survey of the Old Testament

by Norman Geisler

Old Testament Introduction

Okay, here’s the one for beginners.

Bargain Price ~ Evangelical ~ for Laymen

Baker/Revell. 299 pages. 1977.




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