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History of Princeton Seminary Volume 1 1812-1868  Volume 2 1869-1929

by David C. Calhoun


This is considered the definitive story of the rise and fall of the greatest theological seminary known to orthodox Christianity.

Volume 1. Modest in its origins, but blessed with professors marked by personal devotion to Christ as well as academic brilliance, the name of Princeton Seminary became almost synonymous with erudite biblical exposition, carefully worked-out reformed theology, and deep spirituality. In volume 1 of this magnificent work, Dr. Calhoun traces the moving story of the years 1812-1868. Here we meet great spirituality great scholars, great missionary vision and great consecration to Christ. 522 pgs

In Princeton Seminary, volume 2: The Majestic Testimony, David Calhoun continues his history of Princeton Seminary begun in the widely acclaimed volume 1, Faith and Learning. Here we encounter the great Hodge lineage; the broad scholarship of B. B. Warfield; the brilliance of Geerhardus Vos; the emergence of the young J. Gresham Machen. And through them we are introduced to the army of men they taught, loved, and sent throughout the world to serve Jesus Christ.

560 pages.


Persia and the Bible

<Sorry, Out of Print!>

by Edwin Yamauchi


The title pretty much describes it. Provides history of Persia during periods intersecting with Old Testament history and events. Respected evangelical  scholar. Takes a pretty serious commitment to get through this material. I really expected this book to be better organized, much of the material seems pasted together from various journal articles and really doesn't flow smoothly. No effort to help the casual reader by organizing data into relevant tables. Still, contains lots of information on subjects otherwise hard to locate.

Chapter Headings: The Medes • Cyrus • Cambyses • Darius • Xerxes • Artaxerxes I • Susa • Ecbatana • Pasargadae • Persepolis • Persia and the Greeks • Zoroastrianism • The Magi • Mithraism

Brief forward by Donald Wiseman. Very good indexes and extensive bibliography. Baker/Revell. 578 pages. 1996 soft cover version of 1990 text.

Edwin M. Yamauchi is professor of history at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He is the author of numerous books, including Pre–Christian Gnosticism, New Testament Cities in Western Asia Minor. His Ph.D. is from Brandeis University.

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No longer carried by CBD.com

Judaism in Persia's Shadow

<Out of Print>

by Jon Berquist


Wow! Reading my copy now and it’s great. Reviews the influence of Persian history on the Hebrew Scriptures during the post–exilic period. Great reading for the period from the time of Daniel and later: Ezra, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. Extensive bibliography, indexes.

 Augsburg Fortress. 282 pages. 1995.

Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon

<Out of Print>

by Donald Wiseman

History Primary Source Data

Publication of the Babylonian Chronicles of Nebuchadnezzar by eminent Assyriologist Donald Wiseman. Relax, you don’t have read cuneiform to access these tablets. Wiseman provides translations and interpretation and relevance to the Book of Daniel and the Old Testament.

Oxford University Press. 142 pages. 1985.

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[Not carried by CBD] The Maccabean Revolt: Anatomy of a Biblical Revolution

by Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.

Intertestamental History, Maccabean Period

Outstanding historical survey of 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, and Daniel as well as their historical background from a late date perspective. Harrington is a Jesuit scholar and teacher, this book reaps the benefits of his expertise and is crafted with the student in mind.

1. Introduction: Canonical and Historical Settings

2. Daniel: God’s Kingdom

3. Second Maccabees: God’s Temple

4. First Maccabees: God’s Dynasty

5. Anatomy of the Maccabean Revolution

6. Related Sources

7. Significance

143 pages
Michael Glazier Books
ISBN: 0894536559


Ancient Near East, Anthology of Texts & Pictures, 2 Volumes

Primary Sources

Two volumes of primary source material will help you understand Old Testament history and ancient near eastern cultures. Each volume contains translations of myths, laws, treaties, hymns, historical texts, inscriptions, and letters, and photos and line drawings of everyday objects, art, and architecture. Short introductions place each text in its proper setting. Plates are clearly identified.

Volume 1 contains 380 pages plus 200 black & white plates;

Volume 2 contains 250 pages plus 100 plates.

Egyptian Myths & Tales • Myths & Epics From Mesopotamia • Hittite Myth • Ugaritic Myths & Epics • Legal Texts • Egyptian Historical Texts • Assyrian & Babylonia Historical Texts • Palestinian Historical Texts • Canaanite & Aramaic Inscriptions • Rituals & Hymns • Wisdom , Prophecy, & Songs • Letters


A History of Israel: From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars

by Walter Kaiser <Out of Print>

Israel History

Comprehensive history of Israel to the time of Christ by evangelical scholar. Great price.

Broadman & Holman. 560 pages. 1998.


Popular Survey of the Old Testament

by Norman Geisler

Old Testament Introduction

Okay, here’s the one for beginners. Particularly useful if you are a conservative Protestant  Thomist.

Baker/Revell. 299 pages. 1977.






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