We are taking some time from playing shows to try and finish up writing
songs for a new Lp. It looks like it will be recorded with Greg Weeks of
Espers in Philadelphia late winter early spring. Drew now lives in New York
and Mike is living in Baltimore so playing, recording etc... are now a bit
more difficult but we are still trying to do as much as possible. Keep an
eye out for Mikes band Madagascar who will be touring in March around their showcase at South by Sothwest! We will have some shows posted for random East Coast dates so keep an eye out. Hopefully we will be doing a small tour early spring with Alec K Redfearn. A Woven Page of Silver Light is out and reviews are coming in. You can read some at the bio section.

New EP "A Woven Page of Silver Light" out November 17th.  Check out CD release shows on Show page.

After 8 months of straight touring/travelling the big huge is back together on the same coast of the same continent. Thankfully now we can get back to putting out our new ep "a woven page of silver light". I just looked over the art and am hoping for it to be back from press by mid september and out in stores by beginning of November on the wonderful Secret Eye records. We do have some shows coming up including a Secret Eye showcase at the CMJ festival in New York, so keep your eyes on our shows page. The West Coast shows ruled and I finally found a copy of "a glint at the kindling" on Haight. What could be better.

MAY 27, 2005
Soon the summer heat will be upon us and we will be playing together again. We have set up a few shows on the west coast during August. Check our shows page to see these and other soon to be posted dates. We can't wait to see everyone again.

FEBRUARY 22, 2004
Half of The Big Huge is currently spending time in Rwanda and will take a
short hiatus until summer. The second half of The Big Huge is working on final mixes of the upcoming EP "A Woven Page of Silver Light" due to come out on Secret Eye late summer. More details soon.

NOVEMBER 27, 2004
First dates for winter tour with Micah Blue Smaldone posted on shows page.

NOVEMBER 13, 2004
Two new songs are posted on the music page.

NOVEMBER 4, 2004
The Big Huge appeared live on the Brown College radio station on October 30th after the Providence autumnal fest. Click here to listen online.
Keep checking the show listings for upcoming shows down south in December and more North East dates in January. It looks like our new ep will be recorded by Caleb of Cerberus Shoal sometime in the next month or two.

Secret Eye Records has sent off our first record to the plant and it should be available in stores by the first of November. "Crown Your Head with Flowers Crown Your Heart with Joy" will be available through Carrot Top distribution and others. We will be playing some shows around the end of October and through November so keep checking the shows page. I will be leaving for Africa for some time in January and will be playing as much as possible before I go. A new Ep is in the works and will hopefully be recorded before I leave. I am planning to do a full US tour upon my return to the States. The leaves are turning and the sky is clear here in Baltimore and my love for Autumn is in full swing.

A new year has begun which means resolutions such as being better at updates! I have just returned from my travels in Morocco (following the tracks of Robin Williamson) and with renewed spirit I feel like new for 2004. I have begun setting up monthly quiet music nights at The Golden West in Baltimore and the first one went over quite well. I plan to hold them on or around the second Sunday of every month. As of now the idea is to not have any sound system and try to keep it generally acoustic. The second quiet music night will include Fern Knight of Providence, Mike Roy and James Saarsgard of Long Live Death playing solo. Baltimore seems to be busting at the seams with new folk inspired bands and the first quiet music night featured Madagascar, Horse Teeth (Justin of Long Live Death) and The Big Huge. Just keep checking the shows page. I am planning a tour for late Spring/early Summer, just following the release of my record. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let us hope for peace in the coming year. Farewell.

DECEMBER 7, 2003
To all you roaming minstrels,
Sorry for the delayed update. The big news is that Secret Eye Records out of Providence will be putting out the first Big Huge record, "Crown Your Heart with Flowers, Crown Your Heart with Joy." It will be out in late May/early June. I have been back to work on it full force and the excitement is beginning to build. It will be distributed through Carrot Top so most record stores should be able to get it. Please ask your local record store to carry it when the time gets closer. Another big announcement is that The Big Huge has been a trio recently thanks to our friend Julie Liebersat who has joined us on the cello. She has played shows in New York and Providence with us which went over with flying colors. I promise to be better about doing more updates in the future...until then, I bid you all farewell.

OCTOBER 26, 2003
After a treacherous three and a half day trip back across the country, we are back home in Baltimore. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, especially Jeremy and Temporary Residence, Jim and Tarentel, Trevor and Lazarus, Alek and the Eyesores, Margie and Fern Knight, James and Burd Early, Tony and Caterpillar Inchworm and the most love goes to Mike for being the best bandmate ever.
We have a few shows coming up, so check the shows section. I plan on spending the rest of November working on finishing the record. I hope for it to be out by early Summer. Keep checking back for an actual date. Pictures from the tour will be up soon.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2003
Well, we leave in 3 days for a month long trip. 3 guys, a white Volvo and an arsenal of posi-vibes. I will have a limited edition EP, which will consist of 3 songs from my upcoming record. The mixes and instrumentation will vary from the LP versions. I will have 60 for the tour, but if you want one, e-mail me and I may have a few left over. I am planning on finishing the record during November. I hope for it to be released in the Spring of 2004. Thanks to everyone who helped Tony and I with booking the tour. I am really psyched on all the shows and can't wait to see friends along the way. Thanks especially to Burd Early, the Eyesores, and Tarentel for being amazing people and musicians.


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