Castle Crabapple

                                         Book 1  

         The Witches of Castle Crabapple

                                          Who will be the next Princess of Crabapple Valley?


                                           Miggin is sweet but clueless.  Druzilla is brave, brilliant,

                                           arrogant and nasty.  Will they really Influence each other,

                                           as the queen hopes, or will they tear each other and

                                           the kingdom apart? The potential princesses slug it out

                                           with magic and mud as the servants rampage, monsters

run amok, and the castle itself trembles!

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Book 2

The Treasure of Castle Crabapple

Still being written!

Welcome to Crabapple Valley! Beware of witches, watermukles, and other, stranger beasts.

The Castle Crabapple Series