INFS3141A – Advanced M/Caché ObjectScript Programming

Robert Morris University - Moon Campus

Fall Semester 2004

¼ Thursdays - 6:00-8:50 pm – as scheduled - Fall Semester 2004.

/ E-mail assignments. E-mail for all work in this course: <>; please include "INFS3141A" in the subject and first in message. Each assignment post should be a new mailing (not a forward or reply.)

ü Assignments for class. (To hand in or for class discussion.)

Please use the RMU Help Desk if you have technical problems (in the lab or with remote access):
call 412-269-2211 or e-mail - web

¨ Textbooks (2):

  • Wolfgang Kirsten, Michael Ihringer, Mathias Kühn, and Bernhard Röhrig, Object-Oriented Application Development Using the Caché Postrelational Database, 2nd ed (Springer, 2003) Includes Caché 5 CD. Information about this text can be found on-line at
  • Richard F. Walters, M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide (Digital Press, 1997) (keep from INFS3140)

Technologies to be used in this course:

  • InterSystems Caché 5 Postrelational Database (can be downloaded from InterSystems web site -; also on RMU workstations (Moon and Pittsburgh)
  • MSM 4.4 (on RMU system - use H:\ drive on RMU networks)
  • VA FileMan, v. 21

Reading assignment schedule is at the back of the syllabus.

Passouts: passout files for this course are available online on the RMU system in the following directories: P:\harvey\i3141 and Q:\harvey\i3141

ü Topic Pages

·        Course Topics

·        Array Diagrams

·        $ORDER Function

·        Truth Tables for M and Caché ObjectScript Programmers

ü Quiz Examples for Study

·        Values/Evaluation

·        Pattern Match

·        Collating Sequence

·        FOR Loops and Loop Counters

·        String Functions

·        Array Subscripts - $ORDER Function

·        Array Subscripts - $DATA Function

·        Using a Global as a Database – Data Retrieval Using the $ORDER Function

·        Using a Global as a Database – Relationships and Data Retrieval

·        Array Traversal - $QUERY Function

·        Arrays – KILLing Dependent (Pendent) Structures

·        Indirection

F Ethics in Information Technology - Links to ACM (Codes of Ethics) and other sources, discussion topics.

þ Please inform yourself regarding information technology issues.

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Each assignment post should be a new mailing (not a forward or reply.)

MIDSEMESTER Grades - based on quiz/exam grades at midsemester and whether e-mail and programming/practice assignments (M, other) have been delivered (and to what extent on time).

Final Exam: Tuesday, April 27.

Applicable Standards: ISO/IEC doc. IS 15852:1999, Information technology – Programming languages – M (revision of 11756:1992); VA specifications and programming standards

M/ Caché ObjectScript Links

Note: MUMPS® is a registered trademark of Massachusetts General Hospital Corporation.

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