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William M. Bailey, [Principal Statistician, WMB & Associates] is a consulting statistician and market analyst who offers high quality adjunct services that enhance your product portfolio, offer greater staff effectiveness and build client satisfaction. Fifteen + years of experience are available in primary and secondary consumer research across multiple industries and involve design support and backend analysis of various forms of study methodologies. These resources are an additional asset to your project team to help analyze, interpret and report on a variety of market research issues and a significant return to your clients.


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Quantitative Research Design & Analysis
Multivariate Analysis, Conjoint Models & Market Segmentation (pdf)
Parametric & Nonparametric (pdf) Statistical Analysis
Statistical Charts, Graphs, GAP Analysis (pdf), & Perceptual Maps
CATI, Web & E-mail based Surveys
Data Entry &Tabulation Services
Qualitative Research & Focus Group Moderating
Secondary Research Services
Technical Consultation (pdf)


My Code of Commitment

All work is confidential and proprietary.
As an adjunct team member,
I directly support the team's effort and both encourage
and foster a noncompetitive atmosphere.

Please see the ASA Code of Ethics Statement


If you really want to get personal, see my resume abstract



For more information, contact (321) 252-8610 [EST, Google Voice]