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Here is where I thought it might be a good idea to point to some of my favorite articles  about Gaming and WinXp. As I find more, they will appear in "The Library".




The Reference Section




Configuring DOS Emulation

by Darren Prescott

Let The Games Begin

by Nigel Keam

The Memory Guide

by Snecker

Old Games and How to Play Them

by Martin Manning


  The Oldsckool PC Guide

by Jim Leonard

Program Compatibility

Wizard for Windows XP

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Running DOS Games 
On Windows XP

by Bob Rogers

  Running DOS games
on Windows XP and 2K

 by Roger Gann


Sound in the DOS Emulator

By Darren Prescott

Trouble Shooting for the Windows Virtual Dos Machine

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Cannot Install Program 
with its Setup Utility

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Game Stops Responding 
or Quits Unexpectedly When Introductory Video Clip Is Played

Microsoft Knowledge Base


SciTech SVGA

 NTVDM 16-Bit Program Does Not Run If the Window Does Not Have Focus

Microsoft Knowledge Base

GAMES: How to Improve Game Performance

Microsoft Knowledge Base


ken silverman

setting performance options for windows xp
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Error Hidden Console of WOW 16bit
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW Startup Errors
Microsoft Knowledge Base
dos games, meet windows xp
cg: online
How to Troubleshoot CD-ROM Drive Problems in Windows XP

Microsoft Knowledge Base 
Error message when you install or start an MS-DOS or 16-bit Windows-based program

Microsoft Knowledge Base 




Other NT/XP Compatible Lists
This site offers the XP gamer a comprehensive list on which games may or may not work with Windows 
This is homepage is wonderfully written by Gameboomer MoePerry. Most of it is in German ...and an English translation is in the works. Thanks Moe!  

Steve's XP Games Corner 
This is written by Steve Metzler and brought to you by Quandry. There are some wonderful ideas here that shouldn't be missed. Thanks Steve!  




Here are just a few of the places I visit from time to time. Including my own banner as well. Please be kind and don't hot link, rather save them to your own hard drive and then upload them to your site.


There is nobody better than Johnathan Just about the nicest gaming community for Adventure Gamers there is...."Goonies never say Die...and neither do 'Boomers!!!"

Bert Jamin's incredible collection of Game Walkthroughs and Patches

Its Randy's and ....It's Just Adventure  (need I say more?)

Tons of free annimated web graphics!

Sue Medley's terrific  Adventure Ezine!

Peter Smith's marvelous Pagoda Database for Adventure Games; If you can't find it probably dosen't exist!


A truly informative and intelligent place for Adventure Gamers: forums,walkthroughs,reviews and  answers to all your technical questions about how to get that &*(^% game a'running. Mr Bill's Adventureland has it all and then some!!!