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Date: Sunday August 24, 2003 - 11:56PM
Name: Chad Rea
Location: Kansas City
Comments: Inferno,

I am having problems with the Ripper setup. I was wondering if you would be able to help me. When I get to the running of the InstallV.bat while running it with VDMS. It states that I don't have the CD in the drive. What can I do to fix this? Thank you in advance,

Chad Rea

Date: Wednesday August 27, 2003 - 03:25PM
Name: Nancy Bluck
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Comments: Dear Sweet Inferno:

You have hit the nail on the head regarding the people at Gameboomers. I have been a member so long my membership number is only 3 digits long. During that time I have gotten help getting my son through a long chemotherapy siege, a death of my loving husband on April 7, 2003, where I found him gone to heaven in his easy chair at 6:30am without any evidence that it was happening. The death of my father on December 7, 2002, just 4 months before. A very scarry time with my little grand daughter when she was very ill. A time for me, that had me in a wheel chair, that has now been fixed due to a great doctor. A bad family situation regarding three sisters that could learn many things from the angels that reside on the Gameboomers site.
You have echoed my feelings so close to my heart that I am not ashamed to say that after I read your introduction, I cried. I am soft hearted like that, but as for now it has not hurt me in this crazy life we live.
As far this wonderful service you are providing me in my quest with my new computer, I found that I have exactly the same system components as you do and it is only one week old.
I have already run into some games, (new Games), that will not even acknowledge my efforts to install them on my new system. It seems like they are turning their little noses up to me and saying, "no, no you can't play with me on this playground, you must go somewhere else".
Needless to say I have been a very unhappy gamer since I put the game together and it won't do half what my Windows 98 would do. I am going to have my Windows 98 gone through so that I will have the two systems, but that will not be for a little while. I think the mother board crashed and it needs to go to the computer doctor.
Anyway, I am sure this is a lot more than you asked for when you invited us to write to you but it seemed at the time something I needed to do.
Thankyou so much for your attention, even reading this long e-mail.
Love and Hugs,

Date: Friday September 5, 2003 - 04:15PM
Name: MaG
Comments: WOW!! You did wonderful changes. Surprise at every corner. Music is apropos and wonderful. These are aside from the expert and straight from the heart help you give to Gamers all over the world.

You give so much of your time and advice to everyone in need.

Braveheart is so lucky! BTW, hug him from me!

Thanks, Inferno!
We love you!

Date: Thursday September 11, 2003 - 07:12PM
Name: Desmond Bean
Location: winnipeg,MB Canada
Comments: I have just received RIPPER, and would appreciate you emailing me a copy of, since as you say, it is indeed unavailable on the net.

Thanks in advance

Des Bean

Date: Thursday September 18, 2003 - 02:11PM
Name: Pete
Location: California
Comments: Hi. I was looking for Sanitarium info on your site and didnt find any. (I'm pretty sure I looked almost everywhere.) Do you have any info you could give me on running this game? It installs fine but it has a screen clipping glitch.

Date: Friday September 19, 2003 - 11:55AM
Name: tez
Location: vienna
Comments: I am trying to run "lost files of sherlock holmes-the case of the rose tattoo" on Win Xp. had no problems whatsoever but somewhere in the middle fo the game it crashes. just where i am supposed to use the hat pin to open the door to the kidnapper's house. have you had a similar problem? is there a way around it?
thanks so much for your help (got your webpage from mr.bill :-))

Date: Sunday September 21, 2003 - 05:57PM
Name: Mizzer
Comments: What up g!? Anyway... I cant get Saitarium to run on XP. You know, the one where it crashes when you try to leave the room in the very beginning. Its annoying because that game seems pretty freakolicous and stuff. Anyway, if you have any way to get it running let me know. I would really appreciate it. Send me an e-mail if you can and let me know if there is a way to play it, if not, then no responce is required... Anyway keep up the good work!


Date: Tuesday September 23, 2003 - 08:11PM
Name: Lisa
Location: Texas
Comments: I cannot locate the 1.03 patch for ripper. I have found it at, but it requires a program to run it, and it doesn't seem to work correctly. Do you still have it where you could send it to my e-mail? I would appreciate it.

Date: Wednesday September 24, 2003 - 08:32AM
Name: Chris
Comments: I am trying to install zork nemesis for xp, I got everything working except for when i hit play game button it says to insert disk one, i already had that inserted and then its just on idel on that part and cant get it to work right. I can get the intro and other stuff to work but not the play game part. please help and email me at my email up above.

Date: Thursday September 25, 2003 - 02:23PM
Name: Deb
Location: Casper, Wyoming
Comments: I'll bet you've figured out by now that there are quite a few of us that ran out and bought the newly released "Sanitarium" (XP compatible), which doesn't run on XP. Any ideas. From what I can see, some cannot run it at all and others haven't had a single problem. Hmmmm. Mine runs the opening video, thens displays a message that the sntrm.exe file has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. I've tried everything I can think of. Help us, Obewankenobee. You're our only hope.

Date: Friday September 26, 2003 - 11:15PM
Name: Kathryn
Location: Michigan
Comments: I'm having trouble loading Lighthouse on my Win2K machine. Do you know if the same procedures for XP will work on this system?

Date: Saturday September 27, 2003 - 08:07PM
Name: Molly
Comments: Would you mind getting me access to that rip103 file? Thanks!

Date: Sunday September 28, 2003 - 03:51PM
Name: Lisa
Location: Texas
Comments: I appreciate the patch file, but I am now getting the same error message as one of the others were getting. It is asking me to make sure that the CD is in the CD drive. Could you please help me with fixing this problem.

Date: Tuesday September 30, 2003 - 08:06PM
Name: Becca
Location: Indiana
Comments: Used your tips to get The 11th Hour running with XP, worked beautifully. However, I am now trying to get Zork Nemesis to run with XP, and am having problems. Followed your instruction as before,; however, when I click on my icon all I get is a black screen asking me to insert disc 1, which I do, and then the hourglass appears and it just sits like that. Does it require longer than the average game to load? Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance.

Date: Friday October 3, 2003 - 10:34PM
Name: Carol Bittner
Location: UT
Comments: How about including Riddle of Master Lu.

Thanks. Carol

Date: Sunday October 5, 2003 - 07:29AM
Name: Lucinda Barratt
Location: England
Comments: I have tried running Zork Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor on Win ME and Win XP but both games ask me to insert cd 1 when it is already in the drive and nothing I have tried or has been gleaned from Activisions web site has made them recognise this fact. Both games ran fine when I had Win 98. Any chance you know of a solution to this problem?

Date: Sunday October 5, 2003 - 09:12AM
Name: Neumann
Location: Denmark
Comments: Please send me ripper1.03

Date: Thursday October 16, 2003 - 07:37AM

Date: Sunday October 19, 2003 - 09:26PM
Name: Chris Holly
Location: Tucson, AZ
Comments: Hi! I am in search of the Ripper 1.03 patch. Can you help?


Date: Sunday October 26, 2003 - 04:02AM
Name: tg mekklemen
Location: ny usa
Comments: Hey,
your page is great! invaluable even! would you mind sending me the ripper 1.03 patch? i'm having a heck of a time without it. thanks

Date: Monday October 27, 2003 - 02:30PM
Name: Elisabet
Location: Åre, Sweden
Comments: Dear Inferno,
You helped me with Black Dahlia a while back - for which I am forever grateful - and I've had invaluable help from your XP-list with other games as well. (In fact, the only game I haven't been able to fix is Zork Nemesis - I have the same problem as other people, the machine asks for CD1 when CD1 is already in the drive)

Right now, however, I struggle with another game called "Discworld Noir". As far as I can see, it's not among your listed games.
So my question is, do you know anything about this game, do you plan to add it to your list? In the readme files it says that the game is not compatible to XP. Still, it installs and even runs well. The problems start when I save and quit. Then, when I try to start the game again it's nowhere to be found on my desktop.
I would really appreciate any advice on this.

Date: Thursday October 30, 2003 - 04:21PM
Name: Dimitrios Kessaris
Location: UK
Comments: Hi, I recently started playing old adventure games and I must say they are great. But i have a problem with sherlock holms: case of the rose tatoo. I can get it to run in Windows XP. I would apreciate any help.

Date: Wednesday November 12, 2003 - 07:55AM
Name: Jose
Location: Malmö
Comments: Hola!

May I receive a Ripper 1.03 patch?


Date: Wednesday November 12, 2003 - 02:19PM
Name: howdie
Location: Pennsylvania
Comments: i can't find the ripper1.03 update, please help

Date: Wednesday November 19, 2003 - 09:53AM
Name: Matt
Comments: Could you please send me the Ripper 1.03 Patch?

Thank You!!!

Date: Friday November 21, 2003 - 12:46PM
Name: Rae
Location: California
Comments: Hi Inferno!

Can I have the Ripper 1.03 patch please. I looked and looked...honest! :D


Date: Sunday November 23, 2003 - 03:51PM
Name: Clint Murray
Location: Barstow, CA
Comments: Your page is very helpful. I collect old and hard-to-find adventure games, but recently "upgraded" to Win XP. The stability is great, but I have many old games that are very difficult to get to run.

I haven't been able to find either patch for Ripper: 1.03 and 1.05. I'd really appreciate it if you could e-mail them to me at the address above. Thanks for your help.

Clint Murray

Date: Tuesday November 25, 2003 - 02:52PM
Name: James B
Location: UK
Comments: Hi

Just read your ripper setup guide, good stuff!!

BUT.... i can't find the ripper 1.03 patch anywhere *hangs head in shame* any chance you could sen me a copy?

and keep up the good work... great guide!
James B

Date: Thursday November 27, 2003 - 04:42PM
Name: matt
Comments: have you found a way to get past the "art studio" in phantasmagoria? Not being able to complete the game is driving mwe crazy

Date: Tuesday December 2, 2003 - 06:11AM
Name: Carole Coley
Location: South Carolina
Comments: I am trying to get Zork Nemesis to work on my computer (XP) and cannot find the patches that you list on your website (,, zpatch.exe, and end save Game patch) would you please send them to me.
Also when I install the game, the installation seems to go well, but when I click on the icon on the desk top, a screen appears that says "insert disc 1), I do, but the screen freezes. Any help?
thank you.
Carole Coley
you have a great site, I just feel lost as I am new to all this.

Date: Tuesday December 2, 2003 - 08:35AM
Name: Ian Campbell
Location: UK
Comments: Playing Sherlock Holmes: Case of the rose tattoo, and the game crashes where you have to use the hat pin in the key. Any ideas?

Date: Wednesday December 3, 2003 - 09:14PM
Name: Kate
Location: Australia
Comments: I'm trying to get Zork Grand Inquisitor to work on XP, any ideas?

thanks, all help appreciated.

Date: Thursday December 4, 2003 - 01:36PM
Name: Dean
Location: London, Uk
Comments: I would like to know how to get toonstruckto run with xp please. i have a geforce fx 5200 card and a amd 3000+ xp processor. also i have 512mb of ram. i be grateful if you can help. may be there is apacth i can download?

Date: Saturday December 13, 2003 - 11:16AM
Name: Mike
Location: canada
Comments: Im having trouble finding ripper patch 1.03. I have 1.05. Can you help me? Will this patch help me install the game on windows ME?
P.S. Great site. You helped me with 11th hour.

Date: Monday December 22, 2003 - 12:32AM
Name: Roxanne
Location: Woodbridge, Va
Comments: I am trying to play Beyond Time on XP, I have installed the game, got the mouse to work. For some reason I can't drag the amulet to Horace's chest. I appreciate any suggestions.

Date: Thursday December 25, 2003 - 09:21AM
Name: Tracy
Location: NY
Comments: Hi-

Trying to help a friend (new to PC's) load Zork Nemesis (long distance). We are doing all that has been written here but still having trouble. It says the game is loaded but the folder under "programs" is empty. Uninstalled/reinstalled- same thing. A loop of it saying it successfully installed & to restart. No game- just the screen where you can choose "play".
He has an older GF440MX card. XP Pro, 512DDR 2100, AMD 1.47Ghz, 60GB ATA133 HD,DX8.1, onboard sound. There is also a window that pops up initially that says that he dosn't meet hardware requrements- which I'm sure is wrong.
Next, I looked at your other sound/video downloads.
Is there anything else we can try? Tough for me to do this over the phone he's not online yet so I can't do remote assistance either- (argghhh!) Wish I was sitting right there in his chair!
Thanks for the site-