Ghosts Screenshots


The music you are listening to is "The Intro"  from Ghosts
nice home, huh?

welcome to

 hobb's manor

He played Dracula, didn't he?

How'd you like to clean this house?

The quiet peaceful...

Dr. Grimalkin will be your host for the evening...

enter thru the main hall

here you'll find  the library

opps....we're not alone.......

Some quiet bedtime reading ...well maybe

lot's of activity in here...those portraits talk!

Where books take flight

...and tell their dreary tales of woe. 

or visit the lounge do all the photographs


......he is

There are pictures here

maybe a bite in the kitchen

...just a little one

so...I was just hangin' around

an interesting puzzle

The SPIDER machine

The ghost stories
 are told throughout
 Hobb's manor

and yes there are a 
couple of puzzles 

The lab is in the basement

...just a little one

So that's what the "Ghosts" game box looks like...

Beautiful moody graphics and photos

notice anything near the computer?

oh! you found it...

want to see more?





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