Setup Walkthrough

by Inferno

System Requirements
* Recommended:
IBM PC Pentium or 100% compatible
16Mb RAM
1Mb SVGA Video Card
4x CD-ROM Drive
16bit Stereo Sound Card

* Minimum:
IBM PC 486/66 or 100% compatible
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
30Mb free hard disk space
Mouse installed
256k SVGA Video Card ( VLB / PCI )
2x CD-ROM Drive
8bit Sound Card

I've been trying to get this game to run properly for the past 2 years on my Windows XP Home Edition (SP1)with incredibly slllooowww video and either nonexistent or brutally choppy audio. However, (there's always a however)  with the help of Colin Snover and Nicht Sehr Gut of Vogons, and my dear internet buddies "krkdnose" of Just Adventure and "metzomagic" of Quandry. While it still isn't perfect, I must say that I'm thoroughly enjoying this game now. I have it running at a respectable rate, and even need my "turbo" program to slow it down for a few of the puzzles. While the audio has a few "pops" in it and occasionally appears to "catch" or "snag" in certain places (usually right before an animated cut scene) I've experienced no crashes. I believe that this game is truly worth all the research and learning I went through from these 4 powerhouse computer techie gurus. 

(and I still didn't have to use DOSBOX,  I know, the day is coming when I'll finally have to use it... but today is NOT that day.) 

Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever know just how much "unknown mentoring" they have taught this little old lady from Texas! Guys, I think all a y'all are just terrific! 





To begin with, there's a  lot of things  to gather for this setup. While there aren't any patches per se for ToonStruck, there are a number of utilities that we will need.  Please make sure that you have the following utilities downloaded somewhere to a folder where you can find them easily. I have each of these installed to my Local Disc C drive. 




Install each of these utilities onto your hard drive.  All except for NOLFB.COM  this one we will install into the game folder after we have created it.

.... Ready? Good. 



Next ... what else?


The General Drill.

Within the General Drill,  the important sections to pay attention to are the following for Toonstruck:


Hmmm, it's gotten pretty large over the last 3 years.  Keep in mind, this is what I  do for my system.  Remember what my specs are and compare them to yours. For example: I have Windows XP Home Edition SP1.  If you have SP2 and haven't used the SP2 fix noted in the General Drill. This game will not run for you. Also it's important to note that this setup is based on a "Pentium" CPU and an nVidia GF2 video card. Although I believe that you may be able to substitute yours later in the CONFIG file. Maybe -- Maybe not, you'll never no until you try.



 let's get busy.



Program Run Maximized
  Close on exit unchecked
Memory Conventional Memory Total = AUTO
Protected mode = checked
Initial Environment  =  4096
  Expanded EMS Memory 15360
  Extended XMS Memory 16384
Uses HMA = checked 
  MS DOS Protected Mode DPMI Memory = 16384
Screen Usage Full Screen
  Window Restore settings at startup = checked
  Performance Fast ROM Emulation
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Misc Foreground Allow Screensaver  =  unchecked
  Mouse Exclusive Mode = checked
  Background Always suspend = checked
  Idle Sensitivity midway point
  Other Fast pasting
Compatibility Compatibility Mode Check box  & Windows 95
  Display Settings 256 Colors = checked
640X480 Screen Resolution = unchecked
Disable Visual Themes
  Input Settings Turn off Advanced Text  Services for this Program









There will be 3 display modes: 640X480 / 640X400 and 320X200  and most likely UniVBE will NOT install properly ... don't worry about this for now ('cos were gonna' fake out the computer anyway. ) The Display Mode which worked on my system was 320x200, but it may take a few tries until you get to this one.  Out of the three, which ever one will let you see the picture of the barn (even it is fuzzy) is the one you will go with for now. 


Press Enter ---> when the warning message appears --> Toggle to "OK" and Press Enter.

Press Enter.  You should hear a "click" and the screen will get larger with this same message. Press Enter again.  You may and most probably will see a Black DOS screen with a disturbing error message at the top: " No SVGA chip detected" or something similar. DO NOT PANIC.  The next screen (and sometimes on the very same screen )       

Press Enter. 
If you get the next possible error message:


Still Press Enter 
.... Now you may panic
.... okokok  I'm just kidding
....  Geez Louise!

 The next screen will be an Informational screen telling
 you that ToonStruck will once again try and fix things.  

Press Enter. 





 (Not true!)


320x200 - which is the one I had to use. 

Now, here's where the fun begins!            











NOTE**  As we will be running this game with VDMSound  it is important to choose "SOUNDBLASTER" I7 D1 P220"  = DIGITAL.  Keep in mind that You may need to alter the rate at which sound gets streamed to your sound card or you may need to select mono sound rather than stereo. The value 'Timer Rate' in the file TOONSTRK.CFG sets the rate at which sound gets streamed. The higher the value the clearer the sound but the slower the game will run overall. The average setting for mono is 60 and for stereo 144. Your machine may need a higher rate so adjust it accordingly. If you are running in stereo mode with a rate of 150 or more and the sound still breaks up, alter the 'Stereo = 1' entry to 'Stereo = 0' and confirm 'Timer Rate = 60' to select mono. 


CD = D:\ 

TransferRate = 0

CPUID =Non ValidID 

DeviceName = Sound Blaster 
DeviceIRQ = 5
DeviceDMA = 1
DevicePort = 0x220
DeviceID = 0xe000
DeviceMonoID = 0xe000
Stereo = 0 
TimerRate = 60 
Flip = 0

UniVBE = 0
Width = 320
Height = 200
Palettewidth = 8
Linear = 1
640x400N = -1
640x480N = -1
CD = D:\ 

TransferRate = 2315060

CPUID =Pentium 

DeviceName = Sound Blaster 

DeviceIRQ = 7
DeviceDMA = 1
DevicePort = 0x220
DeviceID = 0xe000
DeviceMonoID = 0xe000
Stereo =

TimerRate = 144 
Flip = 0

UniVBE = 0
Width =
Height = 400
Palettewidth = 8
Linear = 1
640x400N = -1
640x480N = -1







So........ are we there yet???   No...not quite.

this error message. Just click OK and ignore what it says.





You have now been finally driven insane enough by this walkthrough to play this game. 

Right click whenever you're ready Choose Run with VDMS (no musical note!)

Oh yes... I almost forgot! 

NOTE** When you Right Click on your TOONSTRK Shortcut and choose "Run with VDMS (no musical note) you'll recieve what looks as though it is an error message:


Ignore this error and press the "Y" key and the game will begin. 


If you press the "N" key it will cancel out of the program and you will see this added line: 







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