Setup Walkthrough

 by Rae from Gameboomers


Shiver's Minimum Requirements
Window's 95 or Window's 3.1
486/33 8MB RAM
2X CD-ROM Drive
Sound card with DAC
SVGA 640X480 @256 colors

My Computer Specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon Processor, 3DNow, 1400MHz
Direct X Version: 8.1
Memory: 256MB RAM
OS: Windows XP Home Edition 5.1, Build 2600 with Service Pack 1
Display/Video card: ATI Radeon 7500 series with 64MB memory
 (Driver: ati2dvag.dll
Current Display Settings: 1024X768 32 bit, 90 Hz
Soundcard: VIA AC '97 Audio.
 (Driver: viaudio.sys

My sound acceleration and hardware acceleration are both set to one 
from the right
as suggested by Inferno.

To begin with, follow Inferno's instructions for the General Drill. I have 
Disk Clean-Up and Defrag scheduled weekly, so I don't usually 
have to do this before installing a game.

Note: I use the WINDOWS CLASSIC style appearance for my 
computer...some of the buttons may be slightly different if you are 
using the Windows XP style.


Getting Started:

Now, it's time to get started.




Compatibility mode-->


Display Settings-->

input settings-->

check-->turn off advanced text services for this program



When the install program asks you if you would like to run a test of 
your system to check for compatibility...SAY NO!!!! A screen will come 
up with "diagnosis" of your system-but you can pretty much ignore it. The 
install program will ask you if you want to continue anyway. Click Yes. 
This will begin the install to the folder of your choice. 

(Note***: I generally let the install program choose the folder and put the files 
where it wants to. I have found trying to re-direct to another folder can 
be problematic and cause some install programs to crash). 


However, the game will only play in a small window. If you want to play 
in full-screen mode you must change your display settings.

To do this: 

Have fun! It's a spooky game!



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