Ripper 1.04German
Setup Walkthrough

by Basti007


Computer Specs:
CPU: Transmeta Crusoe 566 MHz
128 MB RAM Windows XP Professional (German)
Soundcard: AC'97 Graphics: SiS 305 (16 MB)
Hard disc formatted with NTSF 



Okay, here we go:






NOTE: This only works with Ripper if you have the version 1.03 or above! (The German Version should do it - I don't know how much different versions are out there in the international version...) If you have an older Ripper version, this won't work. You can download the Ripper 1.05 patch here:


There you can find an updated version of RIPPER.EXE (however, you won't find updated versions of SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE so you probably won't be able to install the game or setup your sound card probably without problems - but if you have the right version, it's quite easy to get the game running with this routine)...  


tested with Ripper Version 1.04g - (German)     .

I never had any problems running the Setup and Install.exe program with the /v2 switch on any system and I also didn't need the Vesa switch of VDMSound when running RIPPER.EXE with /v2. without the switch, the screen would just freeze black.     

  --------------------- Okay, that's it!      


 Greetings,   Basti     



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