Phantasmagoria II:
 A Puzzle of Flesh

Windows 95 "ONLY" to DOS conversion

by Krkdnose

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This setup guide is written for people who have the Windows 95 "ONLY" CD version of Phantasmagoria II and want to play the game in Windows XP by converting it to the DOS version.  The Windows version of the game will not run in XP, but the DOS version will work through XP's built in DOS emulator.

Note: If your game has both the Windows and DOS versions on the CD just use Inferno's setup guide.  You can tell if your version is Windows ONLY because there will be no install.bat file on CD1.

Background:  Sierra originally released a patch that would convert the Windows 95 "ONLY" version of Phantasmagoria II to a DOS version. That patch can still be found at Sierra Planet:  p2dospat.exe .  This patch was written to work in DOS, however, and will NOT work in Windows XP because of some outdated calls.  You can read through the batch files in the original Sierra patch and figure out what you need to do manually, but they are not easy to figure out and the process is a bit cumbersome.  What I've done instead is to rewrite the batch files to work in Windows XP.  I then took the necessary files from the original Sierra patch and repackaged them with my rewritten batch file in a zip archive.  You can obtain the updated patch here: .  This patch will install the necessary files from the CD-ROM and then convert it to the DOS version.

Note:  You need to have VDMSound installed to run this game with proper audio.  You can run the game without it, but the voices will sound really bad.  If you don't have VDMSound, you can download the latest version (2.1.0 beta) here:  VDMSound

Ok, on to the setup!

  1. If you haven't done so, download and install VDMSound.

  2. If you haven't done so, download the updated patch.

  3. Insert CD1 of Phantasmagoria II into your CD or DVD drive.  If you have autoplay enabled, cancel out of the autorun setup if it comes up.

  4. Unzip the patch archive to your desktop.  The archive contains a folder with 8 files as seen here:


  1. Double click on the run.bat file to run the patch.  (To quit the patch at any time, press Ctrl-C).  Note: The instructions below (2-8) are made pretty clear by the  program itself when you run it.  I'm only including them here so that you know what to expect.

  2. After an introductory message, the program will ask you to put the CD in the CD drive and press any key.  If you haven't put in the CD yet, do it now.

  3. You will then be asked for the letter of your CD drive.  When you enter it, the program will search that drive for the game CD.  If it finds it, it will ask you to press a key to continue.  If it doesn't find it, it will ask you for the letter of the CD drive again.

  4. It then asks you to enter the letter of the hard drive you want to install the game to.  Enter the letter.

  5. You will next be asked for the path to install the game to.  The path must contain both a leading ' \ ' and a trailing ' \ ', and a 'p2dos' folder will be automatically added to the end of the path.   For instance if you want to install the game to c:\games\p2dos, you would just type \games\ and hit enter.  Any folders in the path must have eight letters or less.  If any folders have more than eight letters, the game won't run properly.

  6. The program asks you to verify the path you've entered.  If it's correct, just press 'y'. If not press 'n'.  The program will then check the path for proper format.

  7. You are then shown the full path the game will be installed to (including the \p2dos) and are asked if it is ok.  If it is, press 'y'.  If not, press 'n'.  The necessary directories are then created on your hard drive and you are asked to press any key to continue.

  8. The program then copies the necessary files from the CD to your hard drive and applies the Windows-to-DOS patch.  When it's finished, you'll see a table with the heading "Results of Application of Patch File".  At the bottom of the table it lists "Total File Patches Processed".  The total number of files processed should be 19 Press any key to continue.

You are told that the patch install has been completed and are asked to press any key to continue.  At this point, the sound setup for the game will run.  Press 'enter' and you will see the following screen:


  1. The default values should be fine, so make sure "Accept these choices..." is highlighted and press 'enter'.  Then press 'enter' at the next three screens as well.

  2. You will be asked if you want to enter a password for the game.  If you wish to enter one, just type the password and press 'enter'.  Otherwise just press 'enter'.  You are then informed that the installation is complete.  Press any key to end the installation program.


The game is now ready to be run.  You just need to browse to the installation folder on your hard drive and run "p2dos.bat" with VDMSound.


At this point, I could include instructions on how to run the game with VDMSound, but that has already been explained for you by Inferno. Take a look here at the PhantasII Setup, where you'll find the instructions you'll need. 




"...I'd like to say a special thank you to Krkdnose for taking the time to help out his fellow gamers. Krkdnose, you are a true adventurer! Many, many thanks.



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